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How to Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary at Home in Lockdown

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A wedding anniversary is a special day for every couple. This is a day when they became for each other and pledged to support each other for their whole life. That is why every couple wants to make this day special, especially the 25th wedding anniversary. Because it is a great thing that you spent 25 years of your life in every happiness and sorrow with your partner. In such a situation, it is pertinent to make this day special. People usually organize big parties on their wedding anniversary and call their relatives. They include their relatives on this joyous occasion and make this day memorable.

But, it is not possible to celebrate your wedding anniversary in this lockdown. We are all going through the Corona pandemic right now. In such a situation, all of us need to stay in our own homes and that is why the government has imposed a lockdown all over the country. We can neither go out nor meet anyone. In this way, whatever you have to do, you will have to do it at home. Not every function needs to be celebrated by giving a party, especially since this day is special only for you and your partner. So don’t worry, you can make your wedding anniversary special at home with your partner. But how? Let’s see how you can celebrate your wedding anniversary by staying at home in lockdown.

Wish wedding anniversary by giving greeting cards to each other or send quotes on Whatsapp

Currently, most of the shops are closed in lockdown, so you cannot buy greeting cards from outside. But, you can use your creativity to create a beautiful greeting card for your partner and it will be the best wedding anniversary gift for your partner. Because you will make that card for your partner with hard work and love. That is why this gift will be liked by both. Apart from this, it will also be a good way to express your love and feelings for each other.

Also, you can search for some best quotes online and send them on Whatsapp to wish each other a happy wedding anniversary. In a lockdown, it is an efficient and safest way to wish each other the best words.

Watch a romantic movie.

By watching a good romantic film, you can spend the special time of this day together and make it a memorable day for life. It will be the best way to celebrate this anniversary at home.

 Cook each other favorite food

Make one another’s favorite food on this day. Even if the food is not good, still your partner will like it. Because the sweetness of your love will be dissolved in it. You can also make the cake at home on this day and celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

Spend time together

To make this day more special, both the partners can sit together and remember the memorable moments which they spent together for 25 years. You spent 25 years together. So there must be many memorable moments in these 25 years.

In this way, the couple can celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary by staying at home In lockdown and make it special. This wedding anniversary will be more memorable because this wedding anniversary will be different compared to other last years.


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