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How to build your Instagram video Strategy in 2022: Top 10 Ways you will Love

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In 2021, Instagram Video was introduced as a new format. It combined IGTV with in-feed video posts to replace IGTV.

Instagram Video postings are created in the same way as photographs are: using the built-in camera or by uploading from a Photo Library.

If you’ve been following Instagram for the past year or so, you won’t be surprised by this announcement. The platform has backed away from longer-form content in recent months. In October 2021, Instagram announced the interruption of the IGTV brand, the integration of videos to 60 minutes in the main feed, and the separation of Instagram TV content into its own app. 

Meanwhile, since its launch in August 2020, Reels has quickly established itself as a key component of the social media network. Since late 2020, the Instagram main screen menu has featured short-form videos, and reels have appeared often in Instagram feeds since late 2021.

On Instagram, video content is available in four formats: Reels, Live, Stories, and Instagram Video.

There’s a lot to juggle with the platform’s growth of video. But it’s also given marketers new ways to tell stories and reach their target audience.

Which Instagram video format should you use for your business? All of these might have a role in your social media strategy. Perhaps you’ll decide to concentrate on only a few. Read our guide to learn more about the features, specs, and best practices for each type.

Here are ways to maximize the Instagram video strategy:

1-Look at Short-form videos on Instagram

If your business has traditionally focused on long-form video or relied heavily on IGTV, now is the moment to branch out into short-form video. Experiment with the forms of storytelling that work best with Reels—basically, enjoyable and interesting content—rather than generating 5- or 10-minute videos with intricate plots. “How to create short-form video from the long-form video?” Simpler storylines that can be covered on a single reel would be worth experimenting with”. Alternatively, you may make episodes or series that tell a story in installments. Do you require motivation? To help you brainstorm, tap the Reels symbol in the Instagram app and scroll through trending material.

2- Length of the Instagram video should be Ideal

Although the reel described above is less than 15 seconds, your brand’s videos should not be so concise.

Reels have quadrupled in length throughout the product’s brief existence. Reels were originally 15 seconds long, but were extend to 30 seconds in late 2020 and then to 60 seconds in August 2021. If the product continues to follow in the footsteps of TikTok, reels might someday go as long as three minutes.

Shorter or longer reels may perform better depending on your brand, content, and audience, and it’s critical to get the timing right. Experiment with several forms and carefully evaluate the results to discover the ideal length for your audience.

Using Reels’ Insights, you can see what resonates with your target audience.

3- Jump to trending content 

Trending content is a major factor in Reels’ focus on fun, entertaining videos and so on.  Joining trends can help your business gain more exposure and get your reels in front of more people, from dance challenges to audio clips.

Although you may plan and produce much of your video material ahead of time, it’s a good idea to schedule on-trend content in your publication calendar. Thankfully, Instagram makes finding trends quite simple and quick.

To find out what’s hot right now, open the Instagram app, press the Reels symbol, and start scrolling. Look for trends in top content or keep an eye out for suggestions like the ones below. You can scroll through the top reels to discover how they use a particular feature, or press to save or use the most popular audio clips and effects right now.

4- Sharing on Instagram stories to increase your reach

Remixes aren’t the only way to boost your visibility, whether you’re looking for more engagement or more plays. Sharing reels and video posts to Instagram Stories is a quick and easy way to promote your short-form videos.

Create a framework for your team to easily share video material with Stories so you can start using this strategy right away. Then play around with methods that encourage viewers to tap through and watch the entire video. GIFs, stickers, and text overlays, for example, can be use to drive the desired effect.

5- Using Remix Tool

Beyond likes and comments, Instagram’s short-form video content is built for maximum engagement. Users can react to content or participate with creators using the platform’s Remix tool, sparking conversations and broadening the impact of a video.

Remixes, which were previously exclusively available for Reels, are now available for any Instagram video content as of January 2022. Make remixes an integral part of your brand’s strategy to make your organization’s videos as engaging as possible.

6- Know the best time to post video content on Instagram

Getting a coveted spot in your favorite feed can help you improve your video metrics and achieve your marketing objectives. However, it isn’t the only approach to get more views. Instagram has also hinted at a resurrected chronological feed, which would show the material in chronological order. All three options—chronological, favorites, and home—will be available in 2022, according to the site.

It’s more vital than ever to produce short-form video content at the best moment for your audience to make the most of the chronological feed. Use your Instagram Insights to identify when your audience is most likely to be online to choose the optimal time to publish.

7- Real visual replies to engage your audience

Make it a habit to reply to comments on your reels to get more mileage out of engagement. You can respond to any comment with a new short-form video using Reels’ Visual Replies function, which was introduce in December 2021. When you respond with a response, it displays as an interactive sticker, which could be a terrific opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Keep in mind that not every comment, much alone a unique video, is worthy of a response. If you get a lot of spam comments on your Instagram account, you’ll want to pay attention to Instagram’s new tools for screening your DMs and blocking specific forms of activity.

Final words

You’ll be better position to increase visibility and grow your brand on Instagram if you optimize short-form video content, optimize collaborations, and are willing to experiment with new Reels features. If you have more followers your visibility also increases. So, you can Buy Instagram followers UK to increase your followers.


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