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How to build a Bluetooth Speaker:

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There are various of BT speakers to choose from, with prices ranging from roughly eleven dollars to more than a thousand dollars. However, you can easily construct a BT speaker. The components for a BT speaker project are affordable, and the technique is simple. BT receivers with designed amp use smaller circuit boards that are reasonably easy to come by. Creating holes for BT speakers and then trying to make them look acceptable is usually the most difficult task. But after following below steps you can easily build your Bluetooth speaker easily:

Components Required:

  • Module for Bluetooth
  • speakers with a wide frequency range
  • 12 Volt power source
  • Isolator for Ground Loops


We don’t want to use two different power wires for the amplifier and the Bluetooth speaker unit, so we will share one. Both devices require the same amount of electricity, so simply cut the wire around the plug side.


A problem can occur. Connecting a power source generates a ground loop, which causes your speakers to vibrate. It does not necessary which end of the GLI is facing which way, so connect it to the BT unit and the amplifier.

Check the receiver:

Cut 2 matched speaker cords that are a little longer than you will need. Wires and connections that are soldered together are easy to connect together and form superior electrical connections. The wires on both sides of each speaker cable should be stripped, and the 2 wires on one end should be coated. Solder the plated ends of one BT speaker cable to the leads of one of the exciters, making sure the voltage is right.

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Test the Bluetooth speaker:

You should try this out by plugging in the power and connecting a Bluetooth speaker device. You will hear sound. This is an unintended consequence of being cheap. This will serve as a mute button while you wait for the amplifier to stabilize before turning on the loudspeakers.


You have a good-sounding speaker, and you likely want it to appear a little nicer than a tangle of cables. Build a simple box, painted it blue. Finally, you wired the resistors stated above in front of the Light and connected it to the amplifier power connectors. This creates a beautiful power indicator light.


Make sure all parts need the same volt and that the (AC to DC) converter is the right one for the job. If you prefer, you can use traditional Bluetooth speakers. Make sure the resistance in Ohms and the power in watts meet the amp specifications. The BT speaker can also be powered by a lithium-ion battery, as long as it provides the right voltage.

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