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How to Become an Effective Business Leader

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A real one, not a little boss who abuses his power. You probably know some like that. The son of the big boss abuses the authority given to him. He has only one title, but he fools no one: no one considers him a true leader.

No need for this to be asked for your opinion, for your words to be heard and for your advice to be followed and applied.

What distinguishes the real leader from the con artist? You will find on the market a number of guides on leadership and charisma. Here are 4 techniques to apply to become an effective business leader.

Inspire others:

Probably the hardest part, so you might as well start with it. Have you ever worked with people who had a vision? A real vision that goes beyond the simple quarter or the year to come? It’s refreshing, it’s pleasant, it’s happiness.

It’s a real pleasure to know that you work with people who do not get swept left to right. Who has no hesitation? Who even during the storm know how to stay the course, because they have a precise vision of what will be the future once the sky is clear.

The leader in the face of change:

It’s up to you to pave the way for your collaborators, for your children, for your parents, for your friends. Like famous business leaders Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, George Scorsis, etc, a leader is constantly on the lookout, preparing for the future today. It is up to you to pave the way for others. You lead the way, you look for the positive in change, which you know is inevitable.

Promote the development of skills for your teams. Study their requests for new missions. Rework the processes. Seek to eliminate unnecessary stains, but leave room for creativity. Let your team try new ways. Give it the chance to surprise you. And you too try to surprise yourself.

The power of processes:

Having artists on your team, pivots (the famous linchpin dear to Seth Godin) should not prevent your machine from being oiled as well as possible. For this, you must master the processes of your small business or your team.

An effective leader does not waste time. The processes are there to help you: any repetitive and little intellectual task must be the subject of a process. Concretely, you must spend time analyzing recurring tasks and must be able to provide understandable instructions to a newcomer.

Be the first supporter of your team:

Within your team and beyond your borders, stand up for your team’s results. Send messages to other departments to announce unexpected results, exceeded goals. Shine the spotlight on your stars. The real-life inspirational story of George Scorsis Florida is a true example of how being a supporter is essential to become a good leader.

Little bird will become big… A good manager, a good leader does not hold back a player against his will. He must help him join a better team in the transfer window (the football transfer market), he must help him find even better elsewhere, he must be a launching pad, a talent scout.

A good leader is not afraid to lose his good elements: if the team is attractive, if the style of play is fun and the pay is sufficient, there will always be a young talent to join you.


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