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How to become a permanent locum tenens?

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When literally translated from Latin, locum tenens stands for somebody who fills somebody else’s place in their absence. And much like in any other profession, this method is also used in healthcare. It is a great way to continue working while searching for some permanent solution or while substituting a healthcare practitioner who’s absent. Many healthcare providers decide to become locum tenens as they’ve perhaps experienced burnout due to long working hours and lack of free time. A locum tenens position, on the other hand, provides some flexibility and balance. If you’re considering becoming locum tenens, keep reading to learn more about what exactly locum tenens is as well as some benefits of such employment. Also, you’ll get familiar with the things you need to become locum tenens and how to start preparing for that specific job position. Finally, we’ll provide you with some advice on how to adjust to locum tenens’ employment.

1.   What exactly is locum tenens?

Before giving you some tips on how to become locum tenens, we should first define the concept. As already mentioned, roughly translated, it means ‘to hold a place’. So, basically, locum tenens is a medical substitute, simply said. A locum tenens healthcare practitioner fills in for various positions at distinct locations. As far as medicine is concerned, there are some specific fields that work well with temporary healthcare providers. For instance, those that don’t require continuous care. Locum tenens are great for a medical facility that lacks professional staff at some point. So, when a certain facility faces such a shortage of staff, they hire locum tenens physicians or other clinicians to maintain regular patient care.

2.   The benefits of locum tenens employment

There are plenty of benefits of working in a locum tenens position. If you decide to direct your career towards a locum tenens position, you’ll be able to work according to your own schedule – so, it’s more flexible. In that way, you’ll be able to maintain a better work and private life balance and have more time for yourself, for your family and friends. Also, you’ll be able to practice your specialty without having to manage your own practice. A locum tenens job position also enables you to experience some other work settings and to make some new contacts. By practicing your skill in different places you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and skill.

3.   What you need to become locum tenens

Besides having the right qualifications, in order to find a job within the locum tenens category, you should seek professionals help from a locum doctor recruitment agency. The job of an agency such as this is to find the most suitable assignment for you. It is the utmost crucial step in finding plausible locum tenens assignments that you shouldn’t skip. Hiring somebody to help you will save you a lot of time, trouble, and effort. While searching for an ideal agency, you should pay attention to whether the agency is a member of NATO, as they adhere to some of the highest ethical as well as industry standards, thus providing you with the best opportunities of finding perfect jobs. Companies that work hard on maintaining good relationships with both recruits and partner facilities usually have the best job offers.

4.   How to start preparing for a locum tenens job

If you’re interested in becoming locum tenens, there are a few things you should be aware of and several steps you should take. For starters, you should work on preparing your CV. It should contain all of your work experience. Do some research on how to create an effective medical CV – it can only benefit you. Next, you should search for an agency to help you in finding the perfect assignments for you. As already stated, it would be best if the agency were a NALTO member, as in that way you can be sure that everything will be highly professional and organized. Within the agency, you should have a dedicated recruiting consultant, who will guide you through your locum tenens career. You should be in touch with your recruiter, who should present you with various assignments, from which you can choose. And finally, you should complete the locum tenens placement process.

5.   How to adjust to locum tenens employment

There are a few things that we usually need to adjust in a locum tenens job position. You’ll need to learn how to be flexible as there’s a lack of regularity. However, you should still keep track of your assignments, paychecks, schedules and paperwork – it’s essential. Look at your recruiter as your best resource. If necessary, get some help with taxes and financial planning.

Before embarking on the locum tenens job position, you should carefully consider your current job and a locum tenens job and only then decide which option works better for you.


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