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How to be creative by pressing flowers

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How to be creative by pressing flowers

It’s sad that so many people don’t recognize or appreciate their own creativity. If you are one of these unfortunate people, remember that. I never dreamed that I could be creative until I discovered the pleasures of pressing flowers. But as soon as I discovered my talents, the flower literally began to bloom!

And it was so easy because the flowers did most of the work for me

I just can’t go wrong because the flowers themselves point to the designs and I just believe it. There was excitement.

I soon discovered that if I had any special aspects of flower pressing for adults BlogitWell that I really enjoyed, it would suddenly start to exceed my wildest expectations and be successful.

For example, I liked the actual process of designing my greeting cards. And soon it got to the top of my mind, so I became aware of the small designs of all the places that most people don’t even see.

If I saw camouflage on a table cloth, it immediately became the inspiration for a new design. Or if I noticed a delicate flower figure, intuition is another source of inspiration.

It really became quite exciting and I started to gain a reputation for being artistic and creative. It’s almost as if my creativity has taken on a life of its own. I even amazed myself and my designs became beautiful and unique as I created them one by one.

Gardens, parks, and beaches also became a source of inspiration for me and I started to see the small buds, clear shots, and fountains that busy people do.

As Spring Tu turned from spring to summer-autumn, nature responded with a show of the most intricate and colorful designs that I just had to cut and take to my busy flower presses.

The best part is that there is always something to do throughout the season. In spring and summer, I create and collect my designs in autumn and winter.

If you are looking for a hobby or a new craft, Flower Pressing is a happy and creative outlet. I can sincerely recommend it. 

How to be creative by pressing flowers

Press Flowers – Press 3 Press Flowers How to choose

Flower pressing hobby is beautiful and can become a source of inspiration for all seasons. We want to preserve nature with the help of creative colorful designs. We want to save it for the sake of arguing by leaving it to our special occasion or someone special.

You can buy it by pressing it. You can go to the garden, park to choose from. Then you can think about what kind of flowers to choose and what kind of leaves to store and hold.

Here are 3 tips on how to choose to press them

1. Select the right ones with the smaller leaf type. It is easy to press and get better results. However, this does not mean that you are not able to cope with adulthood. From experience, the little ones tend to hold the color and later make it easier on a delicate picture.

2. Pick them on top of the flowers as well as their tops. These should be bright colors. If their color has faded, the color will not look good after pressing.

3. You can choose dark colors. Such as red, blue, and purple. This is because darker shades can keep the color longer and make it look more beautiful than yellow or white than light-colored tones.

Choose them while they are very beautiful without ruining many of them.

Selecting the right jati to press will allow us to enjoy the beauty of flowers beyond freshness.

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