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How to Avoid Retail Merchandising Mistakes? You Never Missed Out

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Retail merchandising is the arrangement of products, services, and promotional offers in a manner that can be perceived by customers at a retail outlet. Retail merchandising involves generating attractive methods to bring about increased sales by appealing to the psychological characteristics of the shopper. Most Apparel or Accessories Stores need stocking up on Merchandising display that always grab the attention of shoppers. This is however easier said than done since it will take a lot of creativity, selection, preparation and proper execution. Here’s a look at 5 common retail merchandising mistakes and how to avoid them!

1. Unclear Products Display

Take advantage of the new retail merchandiser. With its elegantly simple yet highly efficient design, it is the ideal set-up for any shop looking to increase sales through consumer satisfaction. Being able to offer your customers a range of goods within the same environment ensures that they will find what they want quickly and easily, while the modular construction of the entire unit allows for various configurations of product. Your customers will thank you.The store should be designed in a way that the merchandiser can attract customers to their stores and attract the retail customers, the new product section will create interest between the customer and make them purchase of that new product or merchandise. Traffic flow can also be determined by design.For instance, in retail fashion merchandising, the best way to attract fashionable, young buyers to a festive apparel-collection, is by having a stunning, trendy and colourful display at the store entrance.

2. Overstocking of Floor Space

With our retail merchandiser, slow-moving items are out, leaving more room for trendier items and seasonal offers. The newly-downsized space not only looks better than before, but also implements a display that can easily be changed according to current season, trends and events. So instead of overwhelming your shoppers with too many options, they’ll be able to concentrate on what’s most important – finding the ideal pieces for their needs.A master merchandiser can work on any stroke of fortune. He/she will organize and re-organize the setup at his discretion, ensuring that aisles are not crowded with display racks allowed to occupy entire lane without so much as a corner given to the running of traffic freely across it.

3. Not Utilizing the Checkout Aisle adequately

Retail merchandisers are an important part of POS systems for retail stores. Checkout counter and cash register merchandisers serve to create product visibility and boost impulse sales. Since they are located at the point-of-sale counter, they are highly visible and maximize your chances of attracting last-minute shoppers. A merchandiser streamlines the conversion by showcasing best sellers and seasonal offers that are most likely to compel customers into making a purchase. A unit that is perceived as new, exciting and beneficial is most likely to be acknowledged by consumers. The PPMS merchandiser fully utilizes the space above the checkout area for product display. This allows retailers to showcase their top performing products, while increasing customer appeal & conversion.

4. Confusing Signage

The retail merchandiser makes it easy to create signage that meets company-standards, and will withstand most weather conditions. With the ability to be used internally or externally, and the ability to include the price of the product, as well as a picture of the product on display, this is a convenient tool for anyone in retail merchandising.

5. Outdated Window Displays

A well-designed window display is crucial in increasing your store’s footfall. An unplanned display of products will only serve as an eyesore and drive away customers. But, by creating a well-lit and organized showcase of attractive merchandise, potential customers are instantly drawn into your store. This allows for conversions to take place, and ultimately help increase business.


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