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How to archive or mute Gmail messages?

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In this blog, we will discuss an email service that is preferable and important over all other email services. Yes, it is Gmail that was launched in 2004 and in these seventeen years, it has got only success. Some people think that it is the service for personal purposes, so they are right because it was an email service that can provide best communication system for individual purposes. But after introducing email marketing business, the main focus of Gmail is to provide best services for email marketing. And there are more than one billion people those have buy Gmail PVA accounts and get maximum profit.

Archive or mute Gmail messages

There are unlimited features of Gmail and some features have more importance from other features. In this we will discuss about the feature of archive or mute emails and Gmail messages. This feature is very helpful when you want to organize your inbox. It is also important to organize your inbox, because through this you can save your time that you waste on your inbox. Another reason of using this feature is that you can hide your important and personal emails from others. Because when you will use this feature, then your inbox will be cleanup and there is be no problem of giving much time for your inbox.

It should keep in mind that not only inbox messages could be archived, but you can archive all types of messages and emails. However, if you will use the archive feature on sent emails then these emails will come back if someone will reply to these emails. But in case of mute a message, messages will not come to your inbox whenever you will not want. You can find more useful information on UseViral. 

How to get the service of archive on your computer?

Here is the process of getting the service of archive feature, whenever you will use your computer device.

1. Open your Gmail account on your computer.

2. Select a message that you want to archive. It is important to note here, that you can get the service of archive on documents as well as files.

3. There will be the option of archive. And when you will choose this option, then your message will be disappear from your inbox, sent as well as draft box.

As we discussed above that archived messages will not delete but move to section of archive.

How to search archived message?

When the matter of security discussed, then it is important to use the feature of archive. Because through this feature, you can hide your business as well as personal important Gmail messages in it. Above we have discussed about the method through that you can get this service. But some people are unaware from it, that after archiving emails, how it is possible to get back these emails? Here we will discuss the steps which are used for getting back your archive emails in your inbox.

1. Open your Gmail account and click on the option of “All mail’ label that will be on the left side. If there is no available of archive label, then click on additional labels.

2. All your email will be display on your screen. It should keep in mind that the emails which are archived, will not in the label of inbox.

3. You can find your archive messages and can open the content of your archived messages. If you want to see the content, then you can see at that place. But if you want to get these accounts back, then there will be the option of move to inbox. When you will click on it, then your archive message will be comeback.

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