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How to Apply to Write the AMC MCQ Exam

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The AMC MCQ exam must be passed by all overseas medical professionals who wish to live and practice in their fields in Australia. It consists of 150 multiple choice questions that cover a wide range of patient-related topics, and anyone taking the exam must pass it in a maximum of 3.5 hours. Below is some important information relating to what foreign medical professionals can expect when applying to take the exam.

Acceptable online or paper applications

Medical professionals who wish to sit for this exam can do so either online or by requesting that the necessary documents be sent to them from the Australian Medical Council (AMC) itself. Once this is done, they will receive an authorization to schedule one MCQexam appointment. However, note that this authorization is only valid for a maximum of 12 months. If more than 12 months pass before an appointment is made, you will need to reapply for the necessary documentation. It is important that the application is fully completed as this will avoid delays and penalty fees.

Required Documentation

Medical professionals will need to ensure that they are in possession of all required documentation and that all information that is required has been provided at the time of application. This includes signing in all the right places, providing the necessary supporting documents, and ensuring that all documentation has been fully certified. Proof of payment of necessary fees must also be provided at this time, and the names used on the application must match those on the medical staff’s identification documents and/or passports. Incomplete applications will not be processed under any circumstances.

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Preparing for an Appointment

Before applying for the AMC MCQ exam, candidates must be aware that the examination process consists of two separate parts, namely the AMC MCQ exam and the AMC Clinical exam. It is also important that applicants have a valid MBBS degree or equivalent from a registered medical school outside Australia, and this will need to be verified by the ECFMG International Credentials Service (EICS) before they can sit the exam. Applicants will also need to make sure that they have given themselves enough time to prepare for the exam before scheduling any appointments to write it, as this will help their chances of passing significantly.

Medical professionals need to be aware that applying to write the AMC MCQ Exam will be an expensive and relatively lengthy process – often running into thousands of dollars. However, once they manage to pass, they can look forward to living and working in a world-class country that greatly values the contributions of all medical professionals. More info


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