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How to Apply for the PMP Exam Deferment and Withdraw from It?

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The make-up exams of PMP are to apply for a make-up exam when you register for the next PMP exam in Chinese after you failed the last exam. The way to apply is to register at the Chinese registration website of the China International Talent Exchange Foundation.

The information on the application for postponement or withdrawal is the following. Suppose you need to defer to the next PMP exam or withdraw from the exam (You need to pay more) under special circumstances after completing the Chinese registration and paying the fee. In that case, you should do so before the Chinese registration for the PMP exam ends.

Candidates who apply for deferment can download and upload the deferment application form from the Chinese registration system. Please check your application’s approval and contact your test center with any questions.

Only candidates who have successfully paid and completed their appointment can apply for a deferment or withdrawal.

Suppose you have registered for the PMP certification exam. You can apply for a deferment or withdrawal if you cannot take the exam.

How to Apply for the PMP Exam Deferment?

According to the regulations and requirements of PMI certification exams. Students who have registered online for the PMP certification. Exam and cannot attend the exam on time due to special circumstances. You can apply for a deferment of the exam before the deadline. The PMP exam can only be deferred for one year from the material’s passing date.

After the deadline for deferment, the exam cannot be deferred normally. And if it is impossible to arrange the exam, it can only be deferred in an emergency. An emergency moratorium will normally require a certificate of emergency hospital admission etc. Here are the steps to apply for an emergency deferment.

  1. Login to the Training Center of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs website. Enter your username and password and enter your personal member center.
  2.  Click the button on the right to “Emergency Deferment.”
  3.  Upload the required documents before the deadline for the emergency deferment.
  4.  Wait for the review of the Training Center of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

How to Withdraw from the PMP Examination?

According to the relevant regulations and requirements of the PMI certification examination, if you have registered online for the PMP certification examination, you can apply before the application deadline for withdrawal with a payment of USD 131.54. Candidates who have not passed the audit of the PMI qualification and resubmitted materials for the next examination cannot apply for withdrawal.

When completing the application form for deferment or withdrawal, candidates must fill in their exact name and email address. Candidates must provide three names when applying online: the name on their PMP certificate, ID card, and the name used in the application.

Retakes and deferrals of PMP exams need to be applied for with the registration body.

The PMP certification refers to the Project Management Professional (Personnel) credential. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, held by the Project Management Institute (PMI) of the United States, is promote in more than 190 countries and regions around the world and is currently the most prestigious certification in the field of project management. Obtaining the PMP certificate enhances the project manager’s project management level, directly reflects the project manager’s competitiveness, and symbolizes the project management professional’s status.

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