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how to add rustic charm to a modern living with a moroccan pouf

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A true callback and reminiscent return to the Berber souks, our Brown Moroccan Ottoman Pouf is made
from 100% natural and genuine goat leather. Each ottoman is handcrafted by expert craftsmen in Morocco
itself and uses tanned and treated high-quality goat leather without any additives or chemicals. In fact, its
beautiful brown color is made from natural ingredients while giving off a cozy and sweet scent from
Morocco’s coasts. This gives any person who has went a lovely reminder of their time while any person who
hasn’t a lovely introduction to what they can look forward to before visiting.

Each ottoman is made entirely by hand, using traditional Berber weaving techniques that have been passed
down for generations. This, alongside its quality leather, makes them incredible pieces of art that can
weather the tests of time without any signs of degradation. Between this, the quality, and color, the pouf
ottomans are every bit a piece of artisanal art and beauty as it is a functional footrest for your home.

It is as stylish as it is practical and can be used in several different ways. Its exotic look works in virtually
every room in your home and can be used as a small table as well as a seat or footrest. Each ottoman pouf is
sold unfilled to ensure the fastest travel and delivery times while also at the lowest possible prices. Once
purchased, it is incredibly easy to fill up. You can use virtually any type of filling, from padding, to old
clothes or newspapers, to towels or small balls of polystyrene.

Get your Moroccan Pouf Footstool today and feel like a genuine Moroccan King.


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