How Small Enterprises Can Use Mobile Apps to Strengthen Their Brands

How Small Enterprises Can Use Mobile Apps to Strengthen Their Brands

Over 50% of organic searches come from mobile phones according to Google. To win in any digital marketing efforts, brand managers must ensure that their websites, contents and videos are easily accessible on all mobile platforms. For marketers of small and medium enterprises here are five ways they can use mobile apps to strengthen their brands.

Using Mobile Geo-Targeting

As geo-targeting and beacons become more important in digital marketing, you can target users on a specific location and use time-specific messages through mobile applications. For example, integrating geo-location technology on the mobile location allows you to send special offers to clients who are close to your stores. A small business using this technology will be able to decrease spending, narrow its focus, and deliver the right messages to clients at the right time.

Employ Customer Loyalty Programs

With a good mobile app, a small business can create loyalty programs for clients to encourage them to stick to your brand. For example, you can provide access to deals, offers, coupons, and much more to clients who download your app. To make an app even more effective, take time, researching what your target clients prefer as rewards. The mobile apps are out to replace the Punch Cards that are difficult to trace for both clients and businesses.

Use Mobile Apps for Payments of Services and Goods

As credit cards become more unreliable, people are turning to mobile phones because they are personal and more secure. By ensuring that clients can easily find your products and pay for them via smartphones, it will become easier to sell more, keep records, and follow loyal clients to reward them.

Use the Mobile App to Schedule Reminders

For entrepreneurs in services sectors such as salons, garages, or fitness centres, using mobile apps will be very useful to help schedule and reminding clients about appointments. Create appealing messages to send to each client to remind them of the visit to your office for counseling, dental check-up or fitness session among others.

Collaboration and Articulate Mobile Communication

Using mobile apps makes communication and collaboration between team marketing teams easy. The apps allow the marketing team to share documents and information in real time so that decisions are drawn correctly. You can designate private folders, shared folders and team folders so that teams can communicate in real-time even when operating in different time zones.

Offering Better Customer Support

Mobile apps provide the best platform for customer support. Unlike emails and other customer support methods, the inquiries made by customers are clients specific and can be replied to faster. You can set the application to send a notification immediately a client makes an inquiry so that it can be replied to promptly.

The highly competitive market place demands that new businesses adopt unique marketing tactics to not only win clients and make a profit but also to grow and move to the next level progressively. Using mobile apps places small businesses at best position to reach target clients, offer special discounts, and promote collaboration between marketing teams. Remember that the impact of mobile phones should always be reviewed from time to time to establish their effectiveness and identify areas that need improvement.

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