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How Security Guards Prevent Bias When Detecting Risks

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Each of us have a habit to trust the person we know. What will happen if even security guards do the same? It is their basic responsibility to not let any biasness of a known face to develop. Their only duty is the protection of clients. It can only be reliable when the decisions they make are not as per the appearance of an individual, or supposedly, blind towards the people they know. In fact, most of them occur when such mistakes are made by security officers.

Security guards in Malaysia are paid a good income and are known for their ethical services.  They are trained well in such a manner that any decision that they may need to take quickly in a risky situation, will be correct. It is one of the crucial aspects that they have a good memory to remember who even has a permission to be in a specific area. The properties remain protected with the help of security guards in Malaysia. They are not impacted by any biasness of age, gender, or race which prevents the worsening of any situation.

  1. Learning about the Concern of Visit: Any profiling which relies on how the person looks is quite common to happen. The security officers have the individual responsibility of not being vulnerable to such situations. It is important for them to learn about the concern of why a person may be visiting the particular private property. When in doubt, they can ask. If they try to know the problem or reason behind their visit, they can help those people as well as avoid tragical scenarios to occur.
  2. Understanding Stereotypes: There are different stereotypes that run around the world, most of them form biases due to race, sex etc. It is quite common to judge someone from where they come from, which is why often people of a particular community are the softer targets of suspicion. Any judgment that is made based on race and appearance reduces the effectiveness of a security guard. A foreign accent shouldn’t become a warning signal. What a person wears or how old they are, shouldn’t be considered by a guard as non-risk. Security guards in Malaysia are taught well on this biasness so they do not form any perceptions.
  3. The art of Avoiding Incorrect Assessments: Security guards should treat everyone with respect, as well as, caution. If a woman is seventy-year-old, doesn’t mean she will not be participative in a shoplifting incident. A teenager who has wild hair and nose piercing, and looks like a hippie may be from a well-off background. The trespasser who looks quite dangerous could be just a middle-aged man getting some outfits for his daughter. Security guards in Malaysia follow the standardized procedures for every encounter. This way business which hires them can avoid customer complaints.
  4. Admit Potential Bias
    We all could be an active participant in a bias, but it’s the acceptance of it that makes the judgment efficient. Security guards must be well aware that they could be wrong and how much negative impact their doubts can have on someone’s state of mind. When they accept that they have been prone to a bias, can make the situation normal and your customers take back their agitation when proved right. Security officers have been acquainted to practice becoming open-minded and admitting when they are wrong.
  5. Overcoming Bias Effectively: There are ways that the prejudiced beliefs can be identified and side-lined, when they emerge in subconscious mind of an individual. Same are used by security guards in Malaysia.
  6. Accept the differences in every person and learn to judge risk only on the basis of actions.
  7. The social circle should be broadened and one should make friends with people from different cultures, who have diverse interests.
  8. One must refuse to accept comments that are biased and negative in nature.

The world will be a better place if everyone had the will to be who they are, without thinking how they will be stereotyped. That’s what security guards in Malaysia believe and that’s what you must too!


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