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How Rehabilitative Physical Therapy Helps in Acute Injury

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A healthy mind helps in carrying out daily activities easily. Similarly, it is good to keep the body in healthy condition too. However, sometimes due to over-functioning and over exhaustion of these parts injuries occur out of place. These injuries restrict our daily activities and also restrict movements. In the absence of proper treatment or physical therapy programs, there occurs a restriction in the movement of body parts. It can happen due to injury or regular practice while carrying out a particular activity or practicing exercises required in sports. These injuries can be very restrictive because of abnormal physical function related to them, in case of disability, disease, or any kind of particular condition.

Physical therapy is a combination of mobility and strength which are required for restoration of movement and promotion of the highest level of functionality in the injured area. For this treatment physical therapists make use of the hands-on treatment to take care of the restoration of optimal function by minimizing the impairments, proper management of disabilities, and creation of an appropriate environment which is required for improvement of independent function. At advanced care physical therapy programs in NJ, there are a variety of prevention methods that are offered for, or wellness activities and health promotion of patients. Be it any kind of rehabilitative therapy or any other physical therapy programs, they all are carried well under the supervision of a physical therapist in Milltown NJ.

What is rehabilitative therapy?

Under Post-operative rehabilitation, a progressive process is followed where the recovery period is flexible and different for a range of surgeries. Usually, if the rehabilitation has to be done for shoulder surgery for knee surgery, etc. then it takes a longer time. Doing the right exercises in the right manner is the most important element of post-surgical rehabilitation therapy.

Post-operative physical therapy is followed in a few stages.  After the immobilization of the limb post-surgery, the first stage is implemented, and this helps in reducing the pain and the swelling of the limb. After this, a variety of progressive exercises are carried out for improvement in motion, function, and stability of the limb.  The main task behind making the patient carry out these activities is to enhance his or her level which existed before the injury or the operation was carried out.

Benefits of Physical therapy programs at Advance care Physical Therapy Milltown NJ

There are a lot of benefits of physical therapy which are:

  • Management of pain.
  • Reduction in need for opioids.
  • Improvement in movement and mobility of injured body parts.
  • Recovery from paralysis or stroke.
  • Recovery from trauma or injury.
  • Prevention of fall.
  • Management of medical problems related to age.
  • Avoiding emergency surgery.
  • Improvement in balance.

With proper treatment for rehabilitative therapy carried by our trained physical therapists, a helping hand can be given to an injured athlete. First of all, they ask for the medical history and the history of the injury. After proper examination, they decide upon the treatment to be given. After this proper treatment, the condition of the athlete or patient is examined. It also leads to better performance of the athlete. Our trained specialists help in maximizing the patient’s performance by strengthening the injured area in addition to the utilization of muscles in new ways.

What should be expected during a physical therapy?

After proper examination, and noticing the medical history, a variety of tests are done for the measurement of strength, motion range, balance, coordination, muscle performance, posture, respiration, and motor function. After carrying out these tests a proper treatment plan is developed in which strategy, purpose, and anticipated outcome of the treatment is described to the patient. Our well-known and specialized physical therapy assistants responsible assist the patients under the guidance and supervision of our physical therapists.

Proper documentation of the progress is maintained where periodic examinations are performed and treatment is modified as and when necessary. At an Advanced Care Physical Therapy center at Milltown NJ the goal of providing integrated, independent, and ongoing patient care is followed, where physical therapy specialists are continuously working for maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the patients.


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