How Receipt Bot App Hassle-free Convert Bank Statement to Excel?

convert bank statement to Excel

In the chase of IT automation applications, many individuals feel the need for bank statements in their best digital form. There is no denying that the process of digital conversion of files with IT automation software is often driven by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

The best part of this software is that they aim to eliminate repetitive business tasks of file conversion. The best part of this process is that it captures data from not to used documents to used documents. The process can help users work on not to scale the data on semi-structured documents. Today, Artificial Intelligence with OCR provides aid to learning-based solutions so that you can access the typicality of the files with better resources that are taken with top consideration of extract and classify. When discussing technical prospects, this software reads and extracts text from different sources like images or PDFs into a digital format without manually capturing it. To drive these type of digital conversion on a more accessible note with leading technology to get the best of digital files, it’s better to get used to software and applications that are driven by the process to convert bank statement to Excel, convert bank statement to Word, and many others conversion processes. 

Today, when accessing better quality IT automation tools like Receipt Bot, Adobe, PDFSumo, and others, you should make sure that you are using the right process. Among the leading software relating to it, Receipt Bot utilizes an OCR and AI technology as a trained model to encode thousands of rules for determining the meaning of the content. This method is used when it is not possible to define all types of formats. Receipt Bot software, among the others is capable of handling a large variety of input formats. It supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF documents, and also, the deep learning techniques provide great accuracy even for low-quality uploads.

Which are the top things that Receipt Bot carries out when it goes through a suitable process of digital file conversion?

  • Intelligent sorting and validation
  • No template required 
  • Missing or Duplicate identification
  • Cloud-based system 
  • Reference recognition
  • Many output formats

Receipt Bot Step by Step Process to process using the digital documents on a more accessible note

Digital documentation of files is not as hard as one thinks about as it is somewhere driven by the most effective approach of OCR and AI technology. The best use of it is seen when software relating to it can convert bank statements to Excel, convert bank statements to Word, and many other forms. When it comes to the processing of digital documentation, it offers you advanced computer vision and deep learning software to automatically extract data and classify it as per the requirements of tables and entities. Not to deny that the software provides an intelligent solution to generate insights within seconds with minimal human interaction. The best part of Receipt Bot software is that it is driven by the top examples of how you want to extract and classify that data in the form of bank statements so that you can use them with better means and options. 

The extraction of data from bank statements follows a straightforward approach as stated below:

1. Sign up on our Platform

Once you sign up, the software offers you the option to scroll the tab from where you can take the benefits and seek commands of how you will be processing the documents with a quality approach. When you understand each tab process of the software, you can log in to the software on a more accessible note.

2. Upload Documents

Every bank has its format for bank statements that are in the format that people look for. The documents can be uploaded from email or your local computer and in image and PDF formats. This process will help people access the files on a more accessible note. 

3. Edit the entries if required

At Receipt Bot, you are surely getting the vibe of neural networks and reverse image searches to extract data from documents with the option of edit the entries. The best part of this process is that you can extract the files directly by OCR. However, you can add entries manually as well, if needed.

4. Field Validation

The right data type is assigned for accurate and clean data for better value extraction. Using advanced Deep Learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, Receipt Bot as software can hassle-free validates and extracts data to directly be consumed by the user in their best available form.

5. Review and approve the suggestions

When you upload the document in Receipt Bot software with a process to convert bank statements to Excel as an example, the engine process will somewhere automatically extract and suggest a few key-value pairs from the document. You can either use those suggestions or discard them. When you click ‘Approve,’ the file gets saved.‍

6. Download the document

When it comes to the final process of downloading the data, Receipt Bot offers that top-level flexibility to export data in whichever format you want. You can either download the extracted data in CSV, Excel or Word formats, or you can use an API to send extracted data to other software or databases.

7. Scale document Processing / Multiple document Processing

If you want to select more documents of the same type as a bank statement, upload in the same template to get processed on similar lines. Also, you can create your own document type as per requirements.

All in all, Receipt Bot as an IT automation tool is the one that can help you get access to the digital files with the simple process to convert bank statement to Excel, convert bank statements to Word, and many others with the normal operation to access files. Furthermore, the software can process the digital documentation so that you can use the documents with a comparatively good level of accuracy as IT automation software is all about the right process implementation to use the software with quality means. Receipt Bot’s advanced technology can read non-standardized documents with 95% accuracy, and that’s where it’s all the difference. It’s what makes Receipt Bot software to be used by different companies and makes the correct difference in using quality software. 

If you are looking to grab the best of information on how you will convert bank statement to Excel with a quality process, never miss connecting to Receipt Bot’s professional website! 

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