How Outdoor Play Helps in the Development of Children

Today, children are not going out to engage in outdoor play as frequently as they should. This reduced time outdoors is greatly contributing to them developing a sedentary lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle is detrimental to their sound mental and physical health. With the explosion of technology and the increase in electronics like mobiles, computers, tablets, and laptops, children are spending the time that they need to spend outdoors, inside their home’s glues to the many electronic devices.

Things like Outdoor School Stage creates outdoor performance areas in different school settings. It forges a kind of freedom in children and they feel less inhibited. The more confident children are, the more their self-esteem develops and they wish to engage in activities that bring them out of the confines of their house.

Children who spend time outdoors engaging in play enhance their motor skills, and improve their body mass index. Children who become active during the early part of their lives also become healthy for the long term. It also develops a willing attitude regarding preserving an active adult lifestyle. Kids can experience several benefits by spending time outdoors. These include:

Enhanced motor skills

Kids develop their coordination, agility, and balance, when they spend time outside, playing under the sun. They also enjoy activities like running, walking, and cycling. All these activities promote their physical development and strengthen their muscles. Many kids who take interest in sports also enhance skills like catching, batting, and kicking.

Improved health

Not only physical health but spending time outdoors also improves the mood and boosts the immune system of children. Playing outdoors and interacting with others is good for children with ADHD, as it gives them an outlet to engage in an activity and channel their energy.

More self-awareness

Children who are made to go outside also tend to develop good reasoning and observation ability. A piece of equipment like a swing provides them with a way to discover the world from a variety of perspectives. Such pieces of equipment make the child aware of where they are and understand the meaning of ‘cause and effect’. It allows them to observe what happens when they are pushed by a grown-up.

Develop a love of nature

Many adults who are active and spend a greater time amid nature are also the ones who spent a larger time outdoors as a child. Things like Outdoor School Stage motivate children to go outside, rather than staying indoors. It simultaneously makes a person appreciate their environment as they gain knowledge of plants and animals around them. They watch sunset and sunrise, watch animals chasing each other, and plant flowers around them. These changes make them more aware and compassionate to preserve the environment outside.

Development of friendly relationships

Children playing outside are not only self-aware but also gain an awareness of others. Those who are regularly engaged in outside play become more sensitive to others and are less likely to engage in activities like bullying. Various games that children can play outside require teamwork and imagination. As children work in teams, they inculcate qualities like cooperation.

Become more independent

Children experience a sense of independence when they are out by themselves. This sense of independence comes from using the various equipment by themselves. They discover and explore their surroundings by themselves without feeling any risk. They invent games with their friends and explore new things in the process. Through outdoor play, children can find out what they can do. It increases their confidence in themselves. As they grow up, they try out those activities and tasks that other children might be afraid to try.

Being outdoors, and exploring things on their own also boosts their problem-solving abilities, and makes them able to think more critically.

Hence, the benefits of outdoor play for children are immense. It is never too late to bring your child outdoors and let them experience a totally different world.

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