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How Optical Bonding Improves Performance For TFT Display?

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All TFT LCD monitors are prone to reflection and glare. There is an air gap between the covering lens and the TFT panel, causing continuous refractions between every display component. Optical bonding reduces the reflection between the parts, giving better contrast and making the screen easier to view.

What Is Optical Bonding?

It is a process of adding a layer or covering of resin in the air gap between the TFT panel and the covering lens. It binds the TFT panel of the monitor with the glass screen, leaving no air pocket. It is an important feature to consider as it affects image clarity and visibility.

How Does It Improve The Image Quality?

In TFT displays that are non-optical, the LCD light passes through the gap and then through the outer screen. In the process, some light reflects back to the LCD component. This is known as refraction, and it lowers the visual quality of the image. But with the closing of the air gap can remove refractions and interruptions in the passage of the light.

Therefore, more light passes through the screen and makes the image much brighter. The end image is clear, sharp, and texts are much more readable than non-optical displays.

What Are The Advantages Of Optical Bonding?

The best advantage is that it improves the image and enhances readability without increasing power consumption. Since there is no air pocket, there is no chance of fogging. Moisture cannot enter through the screen, and it prevents condensation.

Such an improved display is more durable, stable, and highly resistant to any mechanical strain. Eliminating the air gap also allows the heat to dissipate and improves the touch detector, allowing better usage time.

How Does It Make the Display More Sensitive and Robust?

With optical bonding, a touch panel becomes highly resistant to effects like pressure, vibration, impact. Therefore, this installation positively reduces the risks of glass breakage. Also, since it improves the touch detector, the functionality improves and allows for creating a static connection.

Is It A Wise Choice?

Thin Film Transistor displays are standard in computers, medical equipment, televisions, home appliances, and more. Binding widens the visibility spectrum, allowing you to view the screen comfortably. With less amount of glare from the screen, your eyes are at rest, and it does not affect your vision. Therefore, for enhanced visibility, binding is a great choice.


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