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How Often Should You Update Furniture?

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Furniture pieces can uplift any living space in your home, making it appear to be a more lively, vibrant place to be. However, not all furniture is made to last forever. When the furniture has been around for some time, it becomes necessary to update it to maintain the vibe of the atmosphere.

Since there isn’t an expiry date attached to the furniture, the biggest question is how often should you update the furniture.

 Here in this blog, we will help you find when it is the right time to update your furniture, but before that first learn why you should update your furniture.

So, let’s get started.

Why Should You Update Furniture?

Firstly, let me introduce you to a few of the reasons why furniture needs to be changed in the first place.

The reason why people change their rooms is that they just want to change things up and don’t want to live in the same old style all the time. So, we do all these things for you to feel better, to improve your mood, and to make your life more enjoyable, right? Making those changes should be a priority, and once you make them, you’ll be surprised how little it takes to make your home more pleasing.

It’s amazing how much you can change your bedroom look just by adding one small item, such as a colorful ottoman or lovely accent chair.

When Should You Update Furniture?

If your furniture or room serves you well and does everything perfectly for you, then you do not have to change it. When things get boring, and furniture starts to wear out, you may not even consider making a change for a while. Let’s explore further explore to get a better idea of when to update the furniture:

When to Replace a Sofa?

Sofas are expected to last about seven years on average before declining in quality, and after that, they will begin to fall apart. The sofa might last a lot longer if it is more expensive, but if you want to live with it for a long time, you will have to deal with it eventually succumbing to sagging.

Restaurant Sofa should be replaced after six to seven years of ownership or whenever they become outdated or don’t go with the décor of your home.

When to Replace a Coffee Table?

Playing games, teething animals, and spills on a coffee table are some of the adversities that can cause a coffee table to be damaged beyond repair over time. Depending on how much wear and tear the coffee table receives, it is possible for an excellent coffee table to last anywhere between five and twenty years. It is very important to look for certain signs that show a coffee table needs to be replaced, such as unstable legs, discolored legs, and an old-looking design are all indications that you should replace it.

When to Replace Mattresses?

The lifespan of a high-quality mattress can range anywhere from seven to ten years. It is recommended that you rotate or flip your mattress regularly to ensure that it has the best possible longevity.

When your mattress is uneven, has sagging support, has permanent stains, and has a persistent smell, then you probably need to replace your mattress. If you experience sleeping difficulties, need to change positions in bed frequently, wake up stiff and achy in the morning, or suffer from worsening indoor allergy symptoms, you might want to consider getting a new mattress.

When to Replace a Bed?

If you are replacing bedroom items, it is often the mattress that gets the most attention, even though the bed can also be crucial. A mattress cannot hold its shape and comfort without adequate support. If you have a bed that needs to be replaced, how do you know when it is time?

The normal lifespan of a platform bed is between seven and fifteen years, but when it is creaking, splintering, or sagging, you should replace it since it is no longer fit for your needs no matter how long it has been in your home.

When to Replace a Wood Chair?

Furniture made of solid wood typically lasts between 10 and 15 years before showing signs of aging. Affected items may suffer from fading or cracking, after which they will likely start to show signs of wear.

A wooden chair that has split wood at the seat or has a wobbly leg should be replaced. If the seats are upholstered, the seats can usually be replaced fairly easily as long as the structure of the chair is still sturdy.

When to Replace Office Furniture?

You should ensure that you have a relaxing office where you can work, rest, and work in a comfortable manner. It is a good idea to buy a desk, a chair, and a couch in order to make your office as comfortable as possible. When your office furniture is properly cared for and used, you can expect that it will last you a long time.

Whenever you feel like your chair’s legs are getting wobbly, your desk is shifting, and you are not comfortable while working, then you should replace them. While desks are expected to last ten to fifteen years on average, chairs are expected to last from seven to ten years on average.

When to Replace Dining Set?

Similar to the lifespan of a coffee table, the lifespan of a dining table is determined by its quality. The quality of the dining table you purchase can mean anything from five to twenty years, depending on the material that was used to make the Restaurant Table Design. There is a possibility that your set of chairs and table will be wobbly or unbalanced, which means that you should replace them.

Final Take

In terms of determining when furniture should be updated, there are several aspects that need to be considered. When deciding whether or not to replace furniture, the first consideration should be the comfort of the furniture.

Whether you’re updating your furniture or planning to do so, Suren Space can help. Whether it is for your home or office, we have a wide selection of furniture to ensure you maintain that pristine look, feel, and level of comfort. 


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