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How Often Carpet Steam Cleaning Service should be Booked?

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Carpet steam cleaning is an innovative technique that removes the faults such as spots, dirt and bacteria from the carpet. Without using harsh chemicals, the steam does a great job in removing the stains. Generally, the carpet cleaning Perth services must be booked to achieve a high degree of cleanliness at both residential and commercial places. But, you cannot stick to this rule because the foot traffic and dirt accumulation rate varies from one house to another. Based on different scenarios, let’s have a look at the frequency of carpet steam cleaning:

For Homes with Children

Whether your kids are still at the crawling stage or go to school, the carpet is bound to get dirty. Kids run, play, eat, throw colours and inks here and there which add to the filth on the carpet.  Carpet steam cleaning Perth service can be considered after every 9 months in this case. To understand the right frequency, you can check the symptoms such as discolouration and the number of stains.

When you Have Pets

The pets create lots of mess. Pet hairs, urine, vomit and muddy paws can ruin the health of the carpet. The waste secreted by their bodies can produce foul-odour and bacterial infections. You should never wait for more than 6-9 months for carpet steam cleaning. Steam naturally kills the bacteria, viruses and fungus that grow inside the carpet. Apart from steam cleaning, vacuuming after 3-4 days is also necessary. The fur, hair, and other waste material produced by the pets can cause many types of allergies to the residents.

For Singles and Married People

If you are alone or just have a spouse at home, then carpet cleaning Perth can be delayed for even 2 years. But if you are someone who hosts lots of parties and events for family and friends at home, then this duration can be reduced. Also, the presence of pets can make a difference in this duration.

People Living on Rent

Even if you are a tenant, it is essential to keep the carpet clean every time. It is not only about the security deposit but your own health. Instead of waiting for exiting time from the property, it is imperative to call the carpet steam cleaners after every 9 months. Sometimes, there can be a clause mentioned by the owner regarding the frequency of carpet cleaning. As a tenant, it is important to adhere to that clause because the security deposit can be deducted by the owner.

In the nutshell, carpet cleaning Melbourne service has to be booked at least 1-2 times a year. The frequency might be different for different people. So, always keep the above-explained scenarios while deciding the dates for carpet cleaning.


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