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How much is the grooming cost of Persian cat?

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If you are a cat lover and you are willing to bring them home, that is absolutely perfect but before that do you know that Persians are one of the most expensive cats in the market? The Persian cat price is on the higher side compared to any other species. Since it is a breed that is mostly on demand due to their amazing appearance, they are much on the higher side.

However, to the common question of how much does the grooming of Persian cats cost, you must know that it depends on you. There are many owners who choose to groom on their own and thereby cut their cost. But you have to keep in mind that you are not skipping this crucial step. Since they have long luscious coats, you must be sure to maintain their appearance over time.

Moreover, if you are willing to buy the doll face cat, you must know that since they have a unique face, they need additional care and attention. Hence you must be aware of the needs and requirements to make sure that your sweet little kitten looks good throughout the time. Nevertheless, the doll face Persian cat price is on the higher side because of their unmatched demand.

But if you are willing to do the grooming on your own, you must be aware of the products that you need to groom your cutie. Let’s check in details.

Trim their Nails: This is the first thing that you should start with. Initially you find them rejecting your action. Therefore you have to be very slow in action. Bear in mind that this is the first time they are doing this and therefore rejecting is pretty much common.

You can check the way it is groomed from the professional groomer. Be easy and let them understand that it will not do any harm to them. Even when the first few times will be tough, eventually they will get accustomed and it will become easier for both of you.

  • Nail Trimmers
  • Nail clippers

Comb Properly: You must comb the hair every day and when you are about to wash their coats, you must comb before washing. Detangling is a major part of Persian cat’s life. Therefore it is suggested to choose the big brushes so that you can comb and detangle properly.

There are a range of combs available online for the cat hairs. These are especially designed for the cat hairs. So, make sure to use the quality comb for your little one. Besides, if you are searching for a Persian cat price in Kolkata, you can check Mummy Cat. They have some of the best quality Persian cat breeds with them.

  • Big Combs

Wash Them: Even when you don’t have to perform this step every week but this is a must once in a month. You should know that Persian cat price in India are on the higher side because of their coats. Therefore you must start maintaining their coats by washing them one in a month.

If you are thinking of using just any shampoo, then it is a big no no. You have to be very selective about their shampoo as this can have an impact on their appearance. Some of the owners make the mistake of using human shampoo which is definitely not the right choice. You need to be mindful while choosing the shampoo for your Persian cat.

If you are unable to understand which shampoo can be the right choice, the best choice is to ask from the vet.  Since they have the knowledge of cats, they can guide you through.

  • Cat shampoo

Pro Tip: We understand that the Persian cat price is high and the grooming costs keep adding up. But instead of grooming on your own from the first time, it is suggested to choose a vet for the first time. Follow the steps and techniques to be able to groom rightfully from the next time.

Have you checked Persian cat price in Mummy Cat? Now that you have known the way to groom, you can actually reduce the monthly expenses on grooming. To find the doll faced Persian cats, check the assortment available in Mummy Cat. They have a wide variety of kittens’ at the most affordable price.


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