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How Much Is My Junk Car Worth? A Quick Guide

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Your car had a great run, but now, it’s time to retire it. It’s nothing more than a simple lawn ornament. You can’t even get it to crank up. 

How much is my junk car worth, you ask? That’s going to depend on a lot of factors. Since you can’t get your car to start up, that’s going to cause the price to diminish.

You may not even find someone who will be willing to take it off your hands. Lucky for you, the condition of your car isn’t the only factor that scrap yards look at. Check out this guide to learn more.

Your Location 

If you live in an area that has a lot of junk car places, it’s going to have a huge impact on car scrap prices. The reason being is the competition. Businesses will offer you more for your vehicle to keep you from going somewhere else. 

Certain vehicles are more popular in some locations than others. If you have a car that many people are driving, you’ll get more money for it. 


You would think that the age of your vehicle wouldn’t matter when scrapping a car. After all, the company you take it to is only going to strip the metal and sell it. 

The thing is, many scrap yards also sell the vehicle’s working parts. If nobody is driving your car anymore, there’s not going to be a demand for the parts. That means the company won’t make as much money. 


Did you drive your car into the ground before it quit on you, or does it only have a few thousand miles on it? If your answer is the latter, you’re going to get more money for your vehicle. 

Again, when junking a car, the scrap yard will look for any working parts. The more miles a car has, the less likely it is that any of the parts are still sellable. 

The Price of Scrap

When you’re Googling cash for cars near me, you may also want to look up the price of scrap in your area. It can vary from day to day. 

If you happen to take your car to the yard when the price for scrap is down, you’re not going to get as much for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in good condition or not. 

Does Your Car Run? 

When you try to crank up your vehicle does it start? If not, you may struggle to find a scrap yard that’s going to be willing to take it off your hands. 

Those who are willing to buy your vehicle will give you a much lower price for it. 

How Much Is My Junk Car Worth to a Scrap Yard? 

How much is my junk car worth? As you can see, it largely depends on the condition of your vehicle. If it still runs and you don’t have many miles on it, you’re going to get more buyers. 

Assess the vehicle damage and start looking for scrap yards today. For more tips that will help you get rid of your old car, visit the Automotive section of our blog.  


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