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How Much Is a Sound System for a Car? A Price Guide

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A car sound system is the prized possession of car and music aficionados alike. You’ve probably even heard jokes about the kind of guy who spends more installing a sound system than the car itself is worth.

But that raises a question: how much is a sound system for a car? The easiest way to determine sound system cost is to break down all the key pieces that go into one.

Essential Components

When you’re building a sound system you obviously want quality parts. But if everything you buy is exclusively top-of-the-line, your budget can get away from you very quickly.

So building a sound system without breaking the bank hinges on knowing which pieces are worth the highest investment. And it also helps to shop from dealers like Big Jeff Audio Alphasonik that specialize in cutting their customers a deal on quality pieces.

That said, here are the essentials you’ll need.


The receiver, also called the head unit, is the most important part of any sound system. If your car’s engine is the heart of the vehicle, then the receiver is the heart of your sound system.

Any amount of additional, top-tier equipment will struggle to make up for a poor receiver, so this is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. That said, you don’t need to drop $1,000 on one to get high-quality sound. Suitable models can be found for around a few hundred dollars.


The internal amplifier in your car stereo will technically do what’s needed of it. However, adding an external amplifier is one of the simplest ways to add audio quality to your system.

High-quality amplifiers can cost around $400, but you can find deals on suitable alternatives for half that.


In terms of audio quality, a good subwoofer will give you the most bang for your buck. Not only does it boost the sound, but it also adds depth and fidelity.

A powerful, brand-new subwoofer can cost as much as $800. ANd many systems require two units.

But that’s the top-shelf models. You can get a more budget-friendly model new for around $70 per unit. And if you shop used, you can almost halve that price.


A common beginner’s mistake is to sink the bulk of their investment into the speakers. The logic follows that better speakers equal better sound, right?

But that’s not quite the case. Depending on how new your car is, it may not be worth your while to replace your speakers at all. If you opt for a new set, you can find more than acceptable ones for a hundred dollars or so.

Breaking Down How Much Is a Sound System for a Car

If cost is no object, you could spend $1,000 on a new sound system. But the savvy buyer can assemble one that’s more than acceptable for half that.

So asking how much is a sound system for a car is almost the wrong question. Instead, you should be looking at the individual parts to see where you can find savings.

It’s an approach you can apply to a lot of car maintenance and improvement. To learn how, be sure to keep up with our latest automotive news and guides.


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