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How Much Do You Tip Movers in 2021?

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It’s a moving day, and your movers have hauled your sofas, mattresses, dresses, and other items up and down staircases and hallways. Do you tip them after a job well done? How much do you tip movers? Do you tip the supervisor or individual movers?

Although tipping is not required, it is a great way to appreciate the efforts of your movers. After all, moving is physically intensive, and tipping is only good etiquette. What’s more, reputable movers specialize in packing and transporting goods safely. You should tip movers who have done an outstanding job, such as moving awkward items or finishing the job on schedule.

Do You Tip Movers and How Much in 2021?

Tipping movers is not a requirement when hiring a moving company. The movers are expected to arrive on time, pack your items safely, and organize their tasks efficiently. Additionally, they should be attentive and courteous and address all of your concerns. However, nothing beats the satisfaction of getting a gratuity at the end of a long and hard day. Like any other professional in the service industry, movers welcome tips.

It is common to be unsure of how much to tip your movers. The standard guideline is to give 15-20% of the total bill. For example, if transporting the stuff in your 2-bedroom home on a local move costs $1000, you should tip $150 to $200.

Another guideline is to tip each mover $4-5 for each hour of work. The standard rates include:

  • A half-day session of four hours or less- $20 per mover
  • 8-hour move- $40-$50 per mover
  • 12 hours or more- $60 or more per mover

The above figures are general guidelines, as no two moves are the same. Common factors that affect the tipping amount are:

  • The number of stairs– Were multiple flights of stairs involved in the move? Lots of stairs complicate the move and influence how much you tip movers.
  • Extra help with assembly or disassembly– If you are not paying for a full-service move, movers are not required to help you take apart or reassemble furniture. If they go the extra mile, you should appreciate their efforts.
  • Attentive care with fragile items- Did the movers take extra care with your prized artwork or family heirlooms? If you have multiple special items, you should tip movers who provide specialized care.
  • Exceptionally bulky items- Movers work harder to move large items from your home to the destination. In some cases, they get creative when moving bulky appliances past narrow hallways and sharp corners.
  • Goor organization and efficiency- It is easy to appreciate movers who show up on time and get the job done quickly. Also, tip movers who are courteous and professional throughout the move.

How Much Do You Tip Long Distance Movers?

Long-distance moves generally carry large invoices, and it is unpractical to tip 15% on bills that average between $4000-5000. If you want to know how much to tip interstate movers, the best approach is to use hourly rates. You can give $4-$6 per hour for each mover, depending on the quality of service.

If two separate teams handle your cross-country move, tip each group individually. The tip should be proportional to how satisfied you were with the service. For example, the first team may show up late and scratch the floor when moving furniture, and you can opt to tip $3 per hour for each mover. In contrast, an efficient team that gets the job done quickly with no damage may exceed your expectations at the destination. Consequently, you can tip each mover at $7 per hour.

Some interstate moving companies include a service charge in their invoices. In this case, you will be tipping twice, but you can ask the moving consultants and read the agreement’s fine print.

How Much Do You Tip Local Movers?

Although local moves are less complicated than long-distance moves, it is still good etiquette to tip movers. If you are doubtful of how much to tip local movers, the standard rate is $4 to $5 per hour for each mover. However, local moves also vary in complexity. Therefore, you should tip more if multiple levels of stairs are involved or if you have many large items.

You can also tip 15-20% of the move’s total invoice. It is advisable to hand each mover their tip instead of giving the entire amount to the supervisor. You can even give larger amounts to movers who worked harder than the rest.

How Much Do You Tip Furniture Movers?

If you have a lot of sizable furniture, you should give generous tips. Give $20 or more per hour to each mover, especially if they have to get the pieces through narrow winding stairs. However, check the furniture for damage at the destination before tipping.

How Small Tips Can Help You Save Time and Effort

Receiving tips motivates movers to do the job with extra diligence. However, money is not the only method to show appreciation. For example, keeping the team well-hydrated during hot days provides some comfort and keeps them working longer. As a result, they get done quickly and get you settled in no time. Moreover, you can give bagels and coffee in the morning and energy bars or other snacks throughout the day.

Right Time to Tip a Mover?

The standard practice is to tip movers after the job is done. In this case, you can determine the condition of your items and decide on how much to tip. Tipping beforehand can result in a lax attitude among the movers. What’s more, some movers can damage your goods if they feel angry for receiving a smaller tip.

In most cross-country moves, there will be two separate teams involved. Ask the mover beforehand how they divide the tasks to identify the right time to tip both groups. If the movers leave before getting their tips, contact the moving company and ask how the tips can reach individual movers.

In Conclusion

A common issue for people hiring a moving company is how much you should tip movers. Tipping is an excellent way to appreciate good service, and it is best to give $4-$5 per hour for every mover. Alternatively, you can tip 15-20% of the total invoice bill, although this is more practical for local moves.


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