How Much Bank Balance is to be Maintained For USA Travel Visa?

A USA tourist visa comes under the category of b1/b2 visa. A B1/b2 visa allows people to temporarily enter the country for business and tourism purposes. It’s a non-immigrant visa category that requires a stable financial situation of an applicant. 

Let’s see the minimum requirement of bank balance for a USA tourist visa in this blog. 

How much Bank Balance is Required?

To get the visa approved without any hindrance, an applicant must pay attention to every factor involved, including the bank balance. 

However, there’s no minimum rule or standard amount fixed by an embassy. Each applicant has a different case and thus the final amount is decided based on each case. The average amount recommended is $7000-$10000 in your bank account. 

Why does the visa officer check the Bank Balance?

A USA tourist visa grants limited days of permission to enter the country. An applicant is required to return to their home country before the visa expires. Secondly, tourist visits to the USA cost expenses like accommodation, food, travel, flight tickets, etc. 

Visa officers need to confirm that the applicant is capable of making those expenses and not performing any illegal activities to survive in the foreign land. 

To convince the visa officer, an applicant can give details of his/her sponsor, if any who would be taking care of the expenses. The following members can be your sponsors: 

  • Your parents or siblings 
  • Your relatives who reside there(My aunt is in the USA, and I’ll be staying over at her place)

In case you don’t have anyone sponsoring your trip, here’s how you can prove your stable financial condition. 

Documents to prove financial situation

The visa interview is only 5-7 minutes long and the visa officer mostly doesn’t ask for financial proof. But, just to be safe, an applicant is required to carry below mentioned documents to the interview: 

  • Bank statement for the last six months 
  • Fixed deposits, if any 
  • Virtual assets 

The bank statement should reflect a decent transaction history. It doesn’t need to be a situation where you’ve deposited 7000$ in a bank account in the past few days, just to maintain a minimum balance. 

Factors to Consider Beyond Bank Balance 

Here are other factors other than bank balance that’ll help you get a tourist visa for the USA. 

  • The essential responsibility of an applicant is to convince the visa officer about strong ties with your home country. You can show that by telling them about your dependent parents, spouse, school-going kids, a job in the home country, etc. 
  • Another factor is the right documents. If you’re about to travel to the USA, you must have an itinerary, and booking details for flights, hotels, etc. Carry these details with you, in case the visa officer wishes to see them.
  • During the interview process, avoid giving one-to-two-word answers to your visa officer. Try to provide them with complete details with honesty. These details will help the visa officer understand your intention and will ultimately help him in making the decision.

Showing a maximum bank balance for a USA tourist visa doesn’t guarantee you a visa. Keeping in mind other factors are also essential. 


To sum up the rules, USA regulations have not set any minimum or maximum amount to be maintained as a bank balance for a USA visa. Just make sure to maintain enough funds that’ll help you cover the expenses of the complete trip. 

Additional tip: If you’re confused about the estimated balance to be maintained, count on your cost of the trip. Include flights, staying expenses, food, daily miscellaneous expenses, etc. Now, maintain the total amount as a minimum balance in your account.

Hope this blog helped you understand the rules. Wish you all the best for the visa interview!

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