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How Madhubani Paintings Represent a Rich Cultural Heritage?

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It is a fact, that every art form throws light on its rich tradition and social culture. Every Artwork, is a mirror of the psychology of the society, culture, traditions, customs and social norms. It represents the ancient art and traditional values, emotions and creative force. The illustrations and paintings also focus on modern day social evils, which is uniquely perfect. Eventually, Madhubani paintings even focuses on disseminating various social messages against deforestation and meaningless chopping down of trees. The notion is to bring social reformation and awareness in society. The reason behind the emerging popularity of Madhubani Art could be outstanding aesthetic and authentic value.

Know the Authentic History and Origin of the Paintings

The story of beautiful Madhubani Paintings dates back to the time of Ramayana. King Janaka, asked an artist to make beautiful Paintings for his daughter’s wedding Sita. Usually, women and young girls initiated to make these paintings on walls to celebrate occasions and festivals. The notion was to paint the walls during festivals, occasions as well as ceremonies. The origin of Madhubani Paintings originated from a district in Bihar, that is Mithila.

The paintings are an exclusive monopoly of the old masters and the creations and the techniques. Girls learn to play with brushes and colors since their childhood and become more refined as they get older. It is true that at the beginning it was not a business idea. But later on things changed. The rising demand and admiration established a business point of view.

How Madhubani Paintings Gives an Enriched Vibe to your Home?

The art of painting Madhubani, transferred to later generations. From mud walls, to canvas paintings at your home, making it look aesthetically beautiful. The magnificent and enriching paintings will let you witness amazing figures, patterns and curve. It is an opportunity to involve yourself into something soothing which calms down your mind and soul. The notion is driving your attention towards the beauty, and optimism. It is comforting for the restless soul as the central theme of all the paintings is love and fertility.

What’s so special about Madhubani Paintings?

It’s a great question, before you flaunt about the paintings, you must know its specialty. If you speculate these paintings closely, there are void of white spaces. There are geometric and laced borders and patterns. There are symbols and signs and also the usage of natural dyes is common. Along with that, to give it a surreal look, they also include sandalwood, red hue, twigs, charcoal and palash flower. If you do have interest in hand-made or decorative stuff, nothing could stop you from buying Madhubani Paintings. The natural usage and touch make the painting look authentic.

Everything about these paintings is so personal and particular that an individual instantly forms a bond with these paintings.

Wall Decoration Ideas with Madhubani Paintings:

The antique charm of Madhubani paintings is and will always remain unchallenged and undisputed. However, today lets discuss the few measures you can take o to lighten up your dull walls with the alluring Madhubani paintings:

Fusion of antiquity and modern:

You can use multi-clour Madhubani paintings against a blank white wall or a light background that will reflect the colorful hues on your vacant, empty walls.

Madhubani patterns

Madhubani artwork comes in various lines and patterns capable of filling every space. If you are planning to buy Madhubani Paintings, you can also match your cushion covers, bed sheets. You can create a vibe of your own as you learn to play with geometry and patterns.

Madhubani Collages:

You can also purchase a few Madhubani paintings and align them in an interesting arrangement or pattern that will reflect an elegant touch to your empty blank walls.

Sophisticated patterns:

You can also add Madhubani prints and sophisticated close patterns in red or black that will do wonders on your bright wall as well as the grey background. The red color adds a rich and lively hue to the walls that go well with almost all the colors.

Elegant Madhubani Paintings:

For dark-colored walls, you can use colorful bright patterns that will throw a vivid cast of beaming tint and textures, enough to brighten up even the dark walls and room of your house. Undeniably, you can change the entire look of your room as you learn to play with colors and textures.


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