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How Long Does Siding on a House Last?

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If you have just renovated your siding or got a new home with new sidings, then the whole neighborhood would be jealous of you. There are many benefits of getting a new siding such as beauty, protection and it is also energy efficient. However, a thought might have crossed your mind that how long does this siding will last on your house?

New siding is like a facelift for your house and it will completely freshen up the exterior of your house. But if you want to make sure that investment lasts a long time then you should get the siding installed properly and maintain it regularly. This will increase the lifetime of your siding, up to some decades. But some factors can affect the lifespan of the siding of your house.

How long does siding on a house last?

Five factors will help you understand the fact that how you can make the siding last longer.


When it comes to siding, proper installation is everything that makes the start of a longer lifespan. Even if you have the best siding material, even an expensive material, but if the installation is not done properly, it will not perform up to the mark. This is why you must work with the right contractor.

If you are selecting a team of siding professional who has the right experience in this field, proper certifications and licenses and even covers the insurance, you can trust them with their work easily.


Wood is one of the most demanding materials and it also requires high maintenance. However, aluminum siding tends to show nicks and dings easily and fades over time.

Vinyl siding is becoming popular day by day and it is a versatile option that can withstand different weather conditions.

Moreover, this siding material can last up to a century, but it all depends on how well you maintain it.

Long Siding comes with high-quality and durable material insulated vinyl siding whose life span increases with minimal maintenance. This siding can provide you with excellent performance.

Weather/Storm Damage

Hot, sunny summers, or the cold dried up freezing winds of the winds or the hail and thunderstorms of the spring season, all can affect the siding. The weather attacks can leave any siding material damaged over the long term. Moreover, you might notice that vinyl siding panels are installed loosely to compensate for the sensitivity of temperatures.

The Long Siding’s insulated Vinyl siding can withstand extreme weather and it also has high-density insulated that can bond with the siding panels to create an integrated system for comfort.


The place where you are living plays one of the most important and unavoidable roles in the performance of your siding. The climate of your city decides whether the siding will last longer to shorter than the desired timespan.

The reason behind this is simple, what works well in the summer season might not work well in the winter season and you have to be aware of that. The same theory goes for dry and humid climates. Insulated Vinyl siding is a great choice for colder parts of the country as it can protect the house from rain, snow and winds.


You can choose such a low siding- maintenance and it can also extend the life of your siding and can give you the best value for your money. In this case, vinyl siding is one of the best options that you can get as it can go for a month without needing to be cleaned. But it would be best if you wash and clean your vinyl siding before and after the summer season.

However, it is always a good idea to keep on inspecting the vinyl siding now and then to find any kind of crack or lose siding panels. If handled properly, this will help you in avoiding further damage.

The maintenance of the siding includes the checking and inspection of your gutters. If these gutters are clogged up, they can cause rainwater to spill over the sides of the house which will damage the siding. This is why maintenance is necessary.

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