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How Long Do The Application Of Micro Ring Hair Extensions In London Last?

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When it comes to investing in something valuable like micro ring hair extensions, there are many questions in your mind. And the very first question you will have is,” how long do extensions last in your hair?” When you are planning to spend your hard-earned money on micro ring hair extensions in London, it’s wise to know everything in detail about them, particularly how long they’ll last. Micro ring extensions are a safe way of adding extra length and volume to your hair- without the use of heat or glue during the bonding process.

If you’re dreaming of flaunting waist-length locks, curls, or a long ponytail, then micro ring hair extensions can give you the transformation that you’re expecting. Hair extensions like micro ring, tape-in, and keratin bond hair extensions in London can instantly uplift fine hair, providing you natural-looking longer lengths that also open up your scope for hair experimentation. However, before seeking the appointment of the best hair extensions in London, go through this informative post to know how long do micro ring hair extensions last, as well as provide you tips for maintaining them to increase the longevity of extensions with minimal maintenance.

Longevity of Micro Rings Hair Extensions In London

There are queries like do micro ring hair extensions fall out after a few months or do they get damaged when applying hair styling tools? Whether you’re approaching for tape hair extensions in London, micro ring, or keratin bonds, the longevity of hair extensions depends on their quality, but then it is also the expertise of the hair extension salon specialist that may help in extending the life of these extensions.

Whilst the application method of the best hair extensions salon in London plays a major role in increasing the life of these extensions, however, one of the major factors that decide how long they will last is your initiative towards hair extensions care. Whereas, quality human hair extensions of a professional salon will last up to one year and more when you take routine after-care service of the salon. In a simpler term, the more you show care, the longer your hair extensions will last.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Care Process To Make Them Last Longer

The best way to ensure your hair extensions last longer is good after-care treatment of the extensions. Here are some micro ring hair extensions care tips that will help you boost their longevity:

  • Proper washing of hair extensions- Washing your extensions delicately is one of the most important ways to take proper care of them. For best care, hair extensions salon will recommend you a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to nourish your extensions and infuse protein to them.
  • Brushing method- Though you can brush them the way you brush your natural hair, to be on a safer side, it is best recommended to start combing from the ends and then way up. This kind of brushing method minimizes the tug on your roots, so it is the perfect way for preventing extensions fall out.
  • Sleeping method- It is important to keep your hair dry before going to bed. Wet hair is more prone to tangle up. The best way to prevent them from tangling up whilst you sleep is to tie your hair loosely or can do a low ponytail or braid.

You can expect to wear quality micro ring hair extensions for years over a month. Staying on top of your maintenance appointments at a professional salon will help to ensure your hair extensions last longer. This will be a valuable investment that you can do for a little price.


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