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How Long Do Bell Peppers Last In The Fridge

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Bell peppers are a great addition to any meal, but they can expire quickly. One of the simplest ways to use bell peppers is as a side dish or topping for your meal. They are packed with great nutrients and provide an abundance of flavor that you can’t get from any other vegetable. Bell peppers have been around since the 16th century, but they didn’t become popular until the late 19th century when large-scale production began in California. 

Peppers are spoiled, rotten, or bad

You’ll know if your bell pepper has gone bad by the smell. If you have a bell pepper that is starting to exude an unpleasant odor, it’s time to say goodbye. Bell peppers are known for their sweet and tangy taste, but when they start to turn brown or black in areas around the stem, it means those bell peppers have gone bad. Certain signs will tell you if your bell pepper has gone bad by the smell. If the fruit starts giving off a foul odor with a pungent scent like rotting flesh then it’s best not to eat it. You should toss them out immediately!   Even though most people don’t know this, there are different types of bell peppers: red and green. The red ones can be stored for up to two weeks

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Refrigerate the bell pepper

To extend the life of your bell pepper, store it in a plastic bag with holes or wrap it tightly in cling film and put it into the fridge. The life of your bell pepper can be extended by storing it in a plastic bag with holes. This will allow the bell pepper to breathe while still preventing it from rotting.  Do not store your bell peppers on top of each other as this may cause bruising or damage to the skin, which will lead to rot. Be sure that when you are storing them you do so at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. With these simple steps, your bell peppers should last for weeks longer than they would have otherwise!

Store them at room temperature for no more than one week before transferring them to the fridge The following is a guide for storing bell peppers. Store them at room temperature for more than one week before transferring them to the refrigerator to keep them fresh and taste better. They will last up to 1 month in the fridge if stored properly, but they can lose their flavor when placed in plastic wrap or an airtight bag while still warm. Keep your bell peppers away from ethylene-producing fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, and tomatoes because this gas causes them to spoil faster.


If you want to cut down on food waste, purchase only what you need for that day’s meals – this will make sure nothing goes bad! You’re in the grocery store and you see a sale on fresh produce. You think to yourself, “I should buy more since it’s cheaper now.” But then you remember that your fridge is already full of food that needs to be eaten before it goes bad.   To avoid wasting money on food for which we never find the time or inclination to eat, I suggest planning meals ahead of time so only what we need for that day will be purchased at the grocery store. This way when our freezers and fridges are running low, rather than buying more out of fear of not having enough food, we can plan by purchasing less per trip.


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