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How Little Things Matter And Add To The Growth

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Hardships of a single parent…

Being a single parent is a tough job and at times it becomes hard to cope up with the tantrums of the child and also to fulfill all his demands, no matter what. William was two when his mother left us and it has been difficult for me to cope up with the loss and with that make sure that the child is taken care of. It’s been ten years now since the incident and we both have made it so far and I have been a good father and have given my best to make sure that William gets the best, no matter what. 

My son William…

I have been with William like a mother since he was two. And I know his likes and dislikes. I know what makes him happy and what uplifts his mood the most. One fine day when William came from school, he was not in a pleasant mood, and after asking him several times, he decided to open up and unleash what was bothering him the most. 

He told me that there is this kid named Joseph at his school and he is not happy because he is not well off and sometimes he is sad because he cannot afford certain toys like several other kids at the school. I saw how William was so bothered with this and wanted his friend Joseph to be happy no matter what!

Williams soft corner for his friend Joseph…

I asked William to invite Joseph to our place for dinner the same night. I was so happy to see how my child was so happy to invite his friend and make him happy with all he could. He called up Joseph and asked him to come over for dinner. Then, I planned with William how we can surprise Joseph with the toy he wanted to get for himself. 

Later in the evening, I took William out and both of us fetched the items and stuff needed for dinner and also went to the nearby play store to get the toy for Joseph to make him happy! Joseph was a passionate kid and he desired to become a police officer one fine day and he wanted to get a toy gun for himself, but since his parents could not afford it for him, I decided to get it for the child to help him keep up with his passion of being a police officer. Both me and William got a perfect toy gun for the kid and got it packed. 

On our way back home, my son and I started having a conversation about gunsmith and gunsmith repair and how all of this works. We decided on another surprise for his friend Joseph, that we will take him to the nearby Melbourne Master Gunsmith, where he will be able to have a look at so many things and also he will be able to learn a lot from there. 

Happiness lies in little things…

When Joseph came, he had our dinner. Kids had pizza and some apple pie for dessert. They decided to spend some time playing on the PlayStation. I enjoyed having a look at how happy these kids were. After they were done playing, William presented Joseph with the gift. Joseph was so happy at the glance of the gift that he burst into tears. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he opened the pack and saw the toy gun. 

Immediately after the kids were so happy, they started making noises while playing with the gun and they were having the best of their time. Joseph hugged William and thanked him for the dinner and the gift! William accepted it and told him that the surprise was not over! Joseph got excited and waited for what’s next! 

Bringing joy to Joseph…

Then, three of us sat in the car and took him to Melbourne Master Gunsmith. The child was so happy! Then he got emotional and told us how he wanted to have one such gun when he became one police officer. I was intrigued by looking at the passion of the child for his future and what he wants to become. We spent some time having a look at the stuff there and came back home!

The kids kept talking about their visit and Joseph told William that it was the best day of his life. 

From here one thing was clear that little things do bring joy to the children. William was happy that he could bring joy to his friend and take all his misery away easily. Joseph left for his home and thanked me for the dinner and the gift. 

After Joseph left, William expressed his gratitude towards me and also labeled me his best friend and best dad that one could have. 

Though, after his mother, it has been a thing for me to take care of his growth, but I was so happy and thrilled to see that my child is happy and is grateful for every little thing. I knew that his nourishment was done right when he had a soft corner for Joseph at his school. And how he was ready to put all his efforts to make sure that the child was happy. 

William and Joseph ended up being best friends!

Now, Joseph comes home often, and both the kids have this unbreakable bond between them and they are so happy spending time together doing their homework, having their playtime, and meals together. William is happy around him and considers him one of his best friends after me!

I am glad that the children are growing and learning this together and value each other and also how they take care of each other’s happiness and well-being. 


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