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How Is Dlink WiFi Router Different And Better Than Other Routers?

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The dlink wifi router is a smart internet home network system. It expands your coverage from the bedroom to the kitchen and even the backyard. It is also a dual band router which means its speeds up to 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + 867 Mbps (5 GHz). Generally, the dlink router has mu-mimo technology, which means this technology sends data to more devices simultaneously. It removes the dead zone in the house and provides stable wifi connection. This router has gigabit Ethernet Internet WAN port that is ready for high-speed internet connections. The dlink router provides better range as compared to others, with the router’s wifi speed you seamlessly stream video, play games, surf the web, and even voice chat with friends.

Dlink WiFi Router points

The dlink router setup is simple and quick. It supports WPA3 encryption that supports the latest WiFi security standards for your wireless network. Usually, the dlink wireless wifi router is different and better than other routers. There are some points, which are as follows.

MU-MIMO technology

Dlink wireless router is suitable for home network connectivity, it fulfil all the requirements of network connectivity. The dlink router is different and better than other routers, because it has mu-mimo technology. The mu-mimo technology is also multi user-multi input multi output. This technology also allows at a time it connects up to 20 networking devices without interruption. It provides stable, better and ultra-fast wifi network speed to all the devices, which are connected. Simultaneously stream HD media, transfer large files quickly, and experience fast gaming without lag or buffer.

Dual Band frequency

The dlink wifi router provides ultra-fast speed in the whole home. It is better and different as compared to other routers, because it is a dual band router. Which means it also supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. The 2.4 GHz band provides up to 300 mbps speed and 5 GHz band provides up to 867 mbps speed. You can use any one band, if you want a higher wifi speed then you switch the 5 GHz band. It is a higher frequency band.

Powerful antennas in Dlink WiFi Router

The dlink router has powerful antennas that provide steady connection in long-distance areas. It also has extender antennas that manage the wifi network signal. If you want to cover long Range the dlink router’s external antennas provide improved Wi-Fi coverage for larger homes. By which you also enjoy 4K HD streaming, gaming and more in high quality without buffering.

Dlink WiFi Router Simple login

If you want to login to the dlink router, it is very simple. You can use the web browser to login. Tio login the dlink wifi router, firstly open the web browser of your choice and type dlinkrouter local in the address bar of the browser, press enter. In a while, a login page appears on the screen. You ask the login details, then you fill the default login details like username and password. At the end, click “login”. Now the login process of the dlink router is over.

Final words

The dlink router is a long range connectivity. A long range Wi-Fi router works great for wireless internet in homes, offices and restaurants. It also abolished the dead zone in the corner of the home. This router feature has parental controls that also make it easier to control kids’ online activities. The dlink has four high-performance external antennas and AC SmartBeam technology that delivers stronger Wi-Fi coverage to every device in your home. Which also means the dlink router is a tremendous wifi device for home wifi network connectivity.

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