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How important is your massage table?

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How important is your massage table?

Whether you are a business owner or a customer, first impressions have a far greater impact than you might imagine. In today’s highly stressful world, people are constantly faced with seemingly conflicting goals. Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to deciding to see a massage therapist to help manage this stress. Will the benefits of stress reduction outweigh the growing concerns about spending more and more financial resources on what many consider a luxury? Massage Center in Bur Dubai

The task of a masseur is not only to use his skills to relax the tension and stress accumulated in the client’s muscles but also to calm the client mentally and emotionally. Financial worries are real and no one knows how much they will get worse before they get better. In order for your client to fully benefit from your services, they must feel that they have made the right decision as soon as they lie down on your massage table. Massage Center in Bur Dubai

As soon as your customer walks through the front door, every look, sound, smell and interaction sends a message.

However, none of them have the same effect as a massage table. Who says you really want to deliver as much value as possible?

Massage therapy is one of the few areas experiencing growth

The point is, in today’s competitive climate, you need it all. Unemployment has risen sharply, but massage therapy is one of the few areas experiencing growth. For this reason, more and more people are entering the profession, and many of them will become excellent practitioners. The difference between the achievement levels will be determined by which ones provide the best overall experience.

We started by talking about first impressions. No matter how small, never underestimate the value of lasting prints.

Massage Center in Bur Dubai

The future of the massage table Massage Center in Bur Dubai

It would seem a little above calling the new design of the massage table “revolutionary”, but this is how the ABC massage table is marketed by its manufacturer. After some research, this term not only sounds fair, it can be a bit modest.

ABC stands for Adjustable Chest Comfort System. It was invented by a woman who felt the need for frequent massages and benefited from frequent massages, but disliked the accompanying discomfort and pain caused by spending time during these sessions in the face position. against the ground.

For many years this problem was solved by tables with cut off areas, which were supposed to relieve the pressure on the chest, but the location was always difficult, if not impossible, and although they helped a little, they were far from ‘be perfect. Pads and pillows are also used to relieve discomfort, but they are usually insufficient and create their own problems.

The ABC massage table has an adjustable pillow area

The ABC massage table has an adjustable pillow area, which can be controlled by the masseur during the session without any pause or effort on the part of the client. It is designed to fit all body types while providing excellent support for a number of massage techniques while reducing pressure on the chest. Massage in Bur Dubai

This adjustable pillow can also be raised much higher than the table.

Is it possible to offer a wonderful massage with a traditional massage table? Yes of course. However, massage therapy is one of the few career fields that really thrive in this difficult economic situation. As new entrants enter the market, competition will increase. Success will depend on which one offers the best overall experience. Combining your skills and experience with the obvious benefits of this new massage table technology just might be your advantage.


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