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How IGCSE Tutors Play A Pivotal Role To Pass The Exam?

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Every parent dreams of a safe future for their infant. They try to lay a strong foundation for their children by providing quality education. The country-based curriculums have restrictions and limit students from learning advanced techniques and methods. IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an exam-based platform containing an advanced educational curriculum that propels students to ultimate knowledge. 

By going through these extensive programs, students will learn to use their logical and analytical brains more. To learn the subjects included in the program, students will require accomplished and experienced IGCSE Tutors. But we all know that every student can’t take face-to-face guidance. So, Hudson Academy is providing online tuition for the aspirants. 

What is the IGCSE?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an international form of the UK-based GCSE program. IGCSE was adapted to allow students outside the UK to take part in this program. After an examination, the certificate is provided that students can take in year 11 after two or three years of education. Schools can choose one of Cambridge Assessment International Education or Edexcel. Depending on the exam board, subject and assessment tests may vary.

The IGCSE main will be another GCSE version, but it features more than 70 subjects available in 30 languages. By providing this flexibility of learning in different languages, a student can learn the subjects in his mother tongue. Moreover, there is greater flexibility in the chosen subjects. Students can choose either the core or extended curriculum in some offered subjects.

How Do the Exam Boards Differ from Each Other?

Schools can choose any of the two primary exam boards of IGCSE. The two most popular and recognized boards are Cambridge Assessment International Education and Edexcel. However, there is not a big difference between the two exam boards. Parents should understand that the curriculum or the syllabus of IGCSE doesn’t change in any circumstances. 

Although there might be some differences in the exam procedure, the Cambridge exam board has four papers for Geography and Edexcel relies on taking a 3-hour long exam for the same. IGCSE board doesn’t instruct or order schools to choose a specific board. That decision is taken completely by individual schools.

How Is IGCSE Tutor Trivial for Students?

Due to the vast syllabus and extensive curriculum of the IGCSE exam, students need to have assured guidance to succeed in the exam. To achieve that, Hudson Academy provides online tutoring to the IGCSE aspirants. Hudson Academy has a pool of experienced and knowledgeable IGCSE tutors who are always available for student assistance. 

IGCSE exam requires students to pass in several subjects. Therefore an expert in a specific subject is crucial for success. For example, IGCSE math has 4 different levels, Core, Extended, International, and Additional. So, students need to learn the basic concepts clearly and learn the art of solving the problems utilizing those basic skills. to achieve this, having the right IGCSE tutor is key.

The Bottom line

From core subjects to other additional subjects, mentorship is critical for students to pass the exam. Hudson Academy’s experienced teachers are definitely the right choice.


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