How IAS Aspirants Can Prepare Current Affairs Effectively In A Short Time

Daily Current affairs for UPSC

Current affairs are an essential part of the civil service examination. Current affairs are included in the syllabus of prelims as ‘issues of national and international importance. Descriptive questions are also asked in the civil service examination based on current affairs, although it is not clearly mentioned in the IAS exam syllabus. 

The students who write their answers correlating current affairs get higher marks in the exam. Students frequently ask the question of how they can prepare for current affairs effectively in a short time.

The commission will not ask questions about any scheme; c To prepare daily current affairs for UPSC effectively, you can join the Youth Destination’s current affair program. Here you can quickly revise current affair. This program includes

gist of Yojana magazine, gist of Kurukshetra, coverage of The Hindu newspaper and Indian express newspaper PIB analysis, a monthly compilation of UPSC current affairs in Hindi by Youth Destination, India year book and economic survey RSTV channel, all India radio discussion.

How to prepare current affairs effectively

Develop the habit of reading newspapers daily. Spend at least one hour daily studying the newspaper properly, but you do not need to read all the news. Follow these important tips while preparing current affairs in Hindi for UPSC. 

Time limit 

Some aspirants spend more than one-hour reading newspapers. Read relevant news and articles and don’t spend more than 2 hours on daily current affair. Initially, you can take a bit of extra time. Revise your current affair during the weekend at the end of the month. Go through the monthly compilation of Youth Destination to revise current affair effectively.

Make online Notes

Make small notes from the newspaper for answer writing, especially from the editorials. Don’t make notes for all the current affair because it is very time-consuming. You can also prepare online notes on Google docs. It will save you time. You only have to copy the content from the website and paste it into your Google docs sheet. Arrange them according to the subject so that you can search them easily when in need.

Limit your current affairs resource

There are many current affair materials available like newspapers, monthly magazines, yearly magazines, websites, coaching institutes material, etc. You have to select the most useful resources for the Civil Service exam to cover current affairs holistically by relying on these sources mentioned above. Youth Destinationation also provides current affair by analyzing the previous year’s papers.

Understand the syllabus

First of all, read the newspaper and mark important and relevant headlines that are important to the Civil Service exam. For this, you should have a complete understanding of the syllabus first. Read the micro topics of the syllabus carefully.

Revision of the static portion of the syllabus. It is very necessary to revise current affair regularly; if you don’t revise current affair regularly, it will be very difficult for you to revise them for an entire year at last time. Revise current affairs regularly to be on track with current affair in answer writing while preparing the static portion of the syllabus.

Importance of current affairs 

That is why current affairs are very important for all three stages of the UPSC examination. When you answer the question of the static person portion relating them to the current affair, then there is the highest chance to get good marks.

UPSC expects that candidates should be aware of the goings-on in society, so a deep understanding of current affairs is essential. It will ensure a good rank in the Civil Service exam. Some important topics for current affairs are International Relations, Science and Technology, Budget, Economic Survey report, Recent bills & acts, Central & state-sponsored schemes, and policies, etc. A daily current affairs quiz for UPSC is also very beneficial.

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