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How human-based approach to marketing does businesses well

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How human-based approach to marketing does businesses well

How a human-based approach to marketing does businesses well. It is no longer surprising that marketing has shifted more to digital trends. As enticing as such fab style may seem, one shouldn’t ignore the evolution going on with the native means of advertising, most especially that which has to do with a human touch.

For any startup or an established brand considering the marketing approach which has that human-human interaction, these are the most effective ways to get your word of business out without spending much… and how to go about it.

Roadside show

The roadside show has been proven to be one of the most outstanding ways to successfully launch your brand with the help of people who will actively participate in entertaining passersby. These entertainers may be the staff, or a family member, or just professional dancers that will dance to the beat of the latest popular music. Now, this is where to pay close attention to.

One very important thing to take note of here is that these outlets deploying this marketing option do not have issues with music licenses, signing artists as brand ambassadors, and are not short on playtime as compared to marketing through radio and TV screens. And without having to go through all that processes really helps to reduce the cost of implementing a roadside show. With just a good sound amplifying system and a specific DJ’s music CD track collection, you are good to set the ground on fire.

Moving show
This is more of a band, and it is more organized. This is usually a group of people deployed to entertain while in a specially designed band truck on the move. Although there may be a stop at some points. The general aim is to market the brand as far as possible in a short period. Aside from the truck, the moving show marketing has the same setup as that of a roadside show.

Athletic entertainment

The way athletes have become brand ambassadors these days has been so overwhelming. Either you are a pro or just a freelancer, as long as you’ve got some athletic skills within you. Then you are a potential marketing accessory. It isn’t new that the use of pro in marketing has become a tradition. But the inclusion of freelancers into this game makes it more competitive and affordable. If you’re new to the potential that now lies with brand marketing through these high skillers, you will amaze at the job skaters and entertainment bike riders do with fliers. And quite surprisingly, this method of distributing flyers is becoming a real business in many countries, while Nigeria takes the lead.

Sponsorship Marketing
When it comes to quiz competitions, outdoor camping organizing, and non-profit campaigns. Are people who run adventures need backers to fund their cause. And interestingly, when these programs usually appear to not be lucrative as such. They are the avenues smart businesses use to reach more people about their brand culture.

Personalized outreach
This comes from the viewpoint that a brand can go ahead with an individualistic approach to marketing. This will happen when a brand has won over an audience. That customer is now ever ready to start promoting the brand. In most cases, the referring customer is rewarded hugely with a commission or a VIP treatment.

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