How horse riding can improve mental health?

Do you know that horse riding improves mental health? Well, if you don’t you would be able to say “yes” from now on. As per the study conducted in 2017, about 267 million people in the world were suffering from depression, and who knows who many cases go unnoticed, untreated, or even unreported.

Horse riding is not just a physical exercise

That improves core strength, circulation, flexibility, balance, coordination, and tone muscles it impacts our mental health as well. Horse riding is often recommended when none of the suggested therapeutic activities are working. Horse riding may not cure depression but it does help in minimizing the attack.

In this article today, we are going to discuss in detail how horse riding improves our mental health. Starting with the most Googled question,

Can horse riding improve mental health?

Yes, horse riding does help in improving mental healths. Horse riding has proven to work for people suffering from ADD, anxiety, autism, depression, and dementia, etc. It alone can not cure the disease but it can improve the victim’s condition and minimize depression attacks to some extent. Moreover, it also improves the chances of recovery.

Horse riding can not only be taken as a “recreational activity”, ” physical exercise” but a “therapy” as well. As the awareness is being spread, more depression victims are opting for it. Still, sounding cliche that it improves your mental health? Let’s clear your doubts away and help you in knowing how it improves our mental health.

By allowing us to be “in charge”
Horse riding gives us control of a horse. The sense of having full control gives satisfaction and hope that you still have the charge and time to turn your life around.

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