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How has Indian Air Quality Index Helped uplift the air standards in india?

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Every year post the Diwali celebrations in India, people have witnessed their health deteriorate due to a thick layer of smog disseminated throughout different cities. People initially thought of air quality as a consequence of bursting too many crackers. However, the situation turned worse over time.

A series of panel discussions were held among environmental officials and higher authorities. Hence, everyone realized that there are other factors, too, causing the Air to become excruciatingly unsafe. At this moment, the government familiarized the populace with India’s Air Quality Index.

It was an endeavour and initiative from the Indian government to make the citizens of various cities, especially Delhi, discover how they are toying with nature and the environment. Later, the air quality Index was installed in several public places, bus stops, and metro stations. It became a consistent reminder to observe and learn from their shortcomings, not degrade the environment. 

What is an Air Quality Index?

Air Quality Index is real-time data on the air purity level and the number of pollutants in the Air. The Index is an effort from the Ministry of Environment and Forests in India to improve the purity level of the breathable Air in our surroundings. With assistance from the Central Pollution Control Board, IIT Kanpur, and medical & air quality experts, the Indian it Index was made possible.

The AQI measuring calculation considers approximately eight pollutants in the Air; Nitrogen oxide, Sulpher dioxide, PM2.5, PM 10, Ozone, Carbon monoxide, Ammonia, and Lead. Further, the level of these 8 pollutants specifies the air purity defined by different colour bands. The green colour band refers to sound it; the red or brown band reflects very poor or stringent air standards. 

How has AQI helped with maintaining a benchmark for Pure Air?

AQI increasingly helped people understand that not only is the exterior environment making our health vulnerable, but the indoor is also affected. During 2018, when air purity degraded to its peak, older adults had difficulty adjusting to this environment. Hence, there were more respiratory issues.

It was then indoor air quality monitors emerged in the Indian market. The it monitor balanced the elements in the Air inside homes and offices. So that people could breathe refined Air. Since the most harmful pollutant in the Air was lead, it impacted the eyes, making them teary most of the time. 

These indoor air quality monitors are a plausible device in homes where infants or older adults reside. They primarily help people in India who suffer from breathing issues and lung disease by keeping the indoor Air clean and sober.

Even in workspaces, where low air quality negatively influences the health of employees, air quality monitoring made things look more transparent and retained a higher productivity level from people. Hence, AQI has made things look more achievable and helped people in India breathe unadulterated Air.


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