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How Has Digital Marketing Evolved in 2021?

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Compared with the past few years, digital marketing has evolved more than some people might think. From paid and organic marketing to even approaches for social media promotion, everything has evolved substantially. Gone are the days when you just had to fool a machine algorithm and voila! You’re ranking on top.

Contemporary Digital Market Trends in a Nutshell

Now, you have to make sure that you are a genuine entity guaranteeing information, expertise and authority in any industrial domain. Your online presence needs to reflect on your business’ image. Suffice it to say, you need to prove that you’re worthy of consideration for the top spot on the search engine’s result pages. And the guidelines for being deemed worthy have changed a bit much.

For example, before 2021, we noticed simplistic designs and short-length content overwhelming the upper SERPs. Whereas this year demands that a website is not only dynamic and extremely engaging, but it should also account for user interaction by providing top-notch interfaces and designs.

Moreover, your content needs to be as exhaustive as it can possibly be on any given topic. The more valuable information you have, the better chances you’ll have of retaining traffic. This is something that you should keep in mind regardless of whether you’re executing market strategies on your own or working with a SEO Dubai

Similarly, the following trends are noteworthy for all those who’re looking to rank their website this year:

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the atoms that make up the entire field of SEO. Everything pertaining to a search term and its results depend upon the keyword that the user types in. Regardless of how relevant your content is, if it doesn’t have the right keywords that the right audience is searching for, it won’t rank. Therefore, we can conclude that keyword optimization is directly linked with how users search for terms.

While we’re analyzing our target audience and the trends they’re following, we’ll notice the different ways they’re performing searches. Statistics suggest that there’s been an increase of almost 85% in Google searches beginning with, “Can I…”.

The number drops to a commendable 65% for searches beginning with “Do I need…” and “Should I…”. This shows that people have drastically changed the traditional habit of searching with specific keyword combinations. Moreover, this also goes to prove that search engines are incorporating remarkable practices of semantic search.

Semantic Search

What this means is that Google and other engines are going to try and make sense of all the gibberish that we type in the search box. By arranging the words in not just the most sensible way possible but also providing the intended search results, Google envisages a future that outgrows the requirement of a proper grammatical structure in keywords.


While keywords are becoming more prominent as an area of focus, content is decisive when it comes to marketing your business. Drop the habit of considering content as placeholder text to fool search engines and attract visitors. Instead, think of it as your only credible weapon that can attract and engage users. You need to consider and cater to the search intent of your users and offer rich and informative content that generates leads, sales and retention.

Types of Content

Going with just plain text is not a good idea as it has proved to be boring for most users. People are likely to engage with multimedia content that incorporates:

  • Infographics that are easy to share,
  • Videos and images that retain attention
  • Convincing content in all forms, be it tables, charts, or even animations, etc.

Not only can your content grab the attention of interested users but it can also be used as the perfect guide to direct users to navigate your site’s pages. For example, commendable pieces of content that offer helpful insight, as well as more information in the form of internal links, will go a long way in decreasing your site’s bounce rate.

Incorporating Social SEO

Although the fog of uncertainty still surrounds the subject, social SEO is still one of the best ways to promote your business. Social media platforms have always been a hub for billions of users. YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms have millions of users logged in at any given time. Just because you’re not targeting these potential clients/customers doesn’t mean no one else isn’t.

Thousands of companies have lost to new competitors solely because they didn’t advertise themselves in time. In the contemporary scenario, when all businesses are working with top-tier digital marketing agencies like Zoom Digital, you need proper promotional campaigns. These will incorporate organic as well as paid marketing tactics that will inevitably help your business gain recognition and generate trust with the audience.

While there are several other marketing trends that are deemed effective in 2021, the ones mentioned above will certainly help you get started. Make sure to read on and keep accumulating knowledge about various updates to stay on top of the game.  


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