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How Exercise Can Benefit Children Having Chronic Diseases?

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Physical activity can boost the function of the body and mind, so, there is no doubt in it that children can perform better in school. Studies showed that only 21.6% children of age 6-19 have met the requirement of one-hour physical activity daily.

Exercise can be added to a child routine in a variety of ways and one of those ways isKids Exercise Classesof the gym. You can make your child physically strong and active by availing the opportunity of exercise classes for kids. These classes have proved themselves as a source of fun-filled activity for kids after school.

Exercise Recommendations:

Encouraging children for daily physical activity is healthy for their health but it is also important to have a knowledge which kind of activities are suitable according to their abilities. For them, exercise should be fun instead of a hectic one. Because they are kids who just want to have fun in life.

The child’s activity should include moderate to high-intensity aerobic exercises which include cycling, dancing, and playing active sports.

Active which are very useful in developing the strong bones of the children. These exercises include hopping, skipping, and jumping.

·        Exercises for The Kids of Age 3-5:

Younger children prefer to be a part of short-term activities with short rest periods. You can’t enforce any specific duration on them. Younger children enjoy playing gymnastics or a jungle gym. They can also play with a ball at the gym.

·        Exercise for The Kids of Age 6-17:

Kids at this age are well-prepared to pass through the weight-bearing activities. These include aerobic activities like pushups, pull-ups, and burpees. It is important to engage this age of kids in the right type of activities suitable according to their age.

Physical Activity Guidelines:

·        Aerobic Exercises:

Children in this age group should be involved in aerobic activity for at least 60 minutes. For most of the days, moderate-intensity aerobic exercise is suitable for kids. Three days must be of vigorous activities like cycling and playing sports.

·        Muscles Strengthening Exercises:

Muscles strengthening exercises should be a part of kids routine for three days a week. These exercises include pushups and gymnastics.

·        Bone Strengthening Exercises:

Similar to muscle strengthening exercises at least three days of bone-strengthening exercises are necessary per week. These exercises include burpees, yoga, and skipping rope.

Relation of Children, Exercise, And Chronic Diseases:

Regular physical activities are important for the health of kids but unfortunately, kids having chronic diseases don’t get the physical activity that they needed to improve their health. Children having chronic diseases should start from a low amount of moderate-level activity. This activity will make them sweat and breathe a little bit harder every day.

No doubt physical activity is important but before setting a fitness routine for kids having chronic diseases take consultation from a doctor for safety concerns. With time when a child gets comfortable increase the intensity level and time of physical activity.

Children having chronic diseases can benefit themselves through strength training, flexibility exercise, and weight-bearing exercises. From high impact exercises children can also get strong bones.

Exercise Suggestions for Children Having Certain Diseases:

·        Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis:

This disease caused the soreness of joints.

  • Patients of this disease should choose moderate activities of flexibility and strength training.
  • Water exercise is suitable because it put less stress on joints and can improve the range of motion, strength, and fitness.
  • Running is important for muscle and bone growth. High impact exercises are safe if the disease is stable. In case of severe pain never go for intense level exercises for kids. Yoga is a very convenient exercise for people having joint issues.

·        Haemophilia:

This is one of the deadly diseases because of the lack of platelets in the body which cause blood clotting.

  • Contact sports like martial arts or karate are not suitable for these patients but if doctors allow them to do so they can take part in these activities.
  • Exercise increases the strength of muscles which protect bone joints. Strong muscles might decrease the chances of bleeding.
  • Cycling, running, and swimming is one of the most suitable activities for patients with haemophilia.
  • The most important instruction for parents is to provide a complete guideline to gym trainer regarding how to recognize, prevent, and treat bleeding.

·        Asthma:

It is a very common disease that causes difficulty in breathing.

  • Any kind of physical activity is suitable for them as long as their asthma is in control. Because pressure on the legs can be a cause of death of these patients.
  • Kids having asthma can develop stronger lungs due to physical activity.
  • Swimming is not a cause of any problem for asthma patients but intense exercises can cause a problem.
  • As for haemophilia you also have to provide instructions to the trainer that how they can handle the emergency in case of an asthma attack on your child.

·        Cystic Fibrosis:

In this disease, the body makes thick sticky mucus which makes breathing difficult and also causes a problem in digestion.

  • An exercise which increases heart rate is best for these kinds of patients like swimming and running. But only allow these exercises to your kids if their disease is under control. Also, ask a doctor whether he should go for exercise or not.

The Kids Exercise Classes can not only benefit healthy kids, but they are also suitable for kids having chronic diseases. The difference is just parents should issue a specific guideline for the special treatment of their kids. A specific exercise is important for them don’t restrict their physical activities just because of being a victim of chronic disease.

Concluding Comments:

In this article, you can read about the basic guidelines of exercise for kids and what is the impact of exercise on patients having chronic diseases. Meridian Fitness takes good care of suitable exercises for kids according to their age and health condition. A trend of non-physical activity of children is desperately needed to replace by physical activity for the healthy future of kids.


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