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How Electronic Health Record Provides Safety To Your Data

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Many doctors and medical institutes in America are using the Electronic Health Record system for storing the data of different patients. This is a perfect and secure system for keeping all the details about the medical history of different patients. It keeps the records of their previous medications and treatments and contains information about the allergies of people. It is only accessible for authorized users. Patients and healthcare professionals can access this data in a time of need. It has many advantages as compared to the old-fashioned method of keeping a record on papers. Let’s discuss how it keeps the data safe and secure.

Provides Access to Authorized People

It is an observation that nothing is secure until it is accessible to limited people. You can keep anything secure by giving access to only limited people. For example, you have a cabin for keeping your cash. You should give its access to only a limited number of people. It will keep your money safe. For example, in the case of theft, you can ask the people you have granted access to your cabins. The same is the case with medical data. Electronic Health Record is the modern system.
It can keep different information about the health of people and keeps the data secure. It does not allow access to all people. Only limited people and authorities can access this data. Doctors, healthcare professionals, and patients can access this data. They have login and passwords for accessing their data. This factor is the main key that makes it secure and safe.

All The Record is Encrypted

We know that paper-based recordkeeping is not secure. People can access these files and make amendments according to their desires. You cannot check the people who have accessed it. People can take photos or scan documents. They can share it with any other party or can misuse confidential information. They can change the information on paper. For electronic recordkeeping, it is much secure and safe. It makes use of modern encryption methods for keeping the data safe. This modern technology keeps the crucial information of different patients safe from prying eyes. Different organizations do everything possible to comply with HIPPA and other privacy regulations. EHR has made it easier to maintain the confidentiality of records. This is a robust system that can protect the data from all kinds of threats. It provides access to limited users. This feature makes it more secure.

No Risk of Tampering

Consider you have kept your important data on paper. You have kept papers inside a file or folder. You forgot to carry this file and left it on your office table. Your office assistant is the wrong person, and he sees your private files. He alters the information by using some tools. He may also share your confidential information with some other person. This can lead you to unrecoverable losses. He can tamper with different details and harm your organization or business.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot find out the person who has leaked your secret information. On the contrary, EHR is a secure system. Nobody can access this data without your permission. People need permission to access this data. You can limit access through encryption. This system keeps the medical history secure because only doctors and patients can access this data. Another vital feature is that you can detect the person who has accessed the data. For example, you can see who had the latest access to medical history. You can also check the changes or actions that were taken during this access. So, nobody can change information. If anybody changes information, he knows that he cannot stay hidden. The system will tell the authorities about his actions. They will ask him the reasons behind his action. They may punish him for wrong activities.

Efficient Monitoring of The People Accessing

We consider those systems more secure that are under efficient monitoring. For example, you have to visit the office of some minister or a renowned businessman. You will see that there will be foolproof security. They will be recording the details and information of all the visitors. Why they do so? This is a way of monitoring the movement and actions of different visitors.

For example, someone steals something from the office. They can reach the person or people who have stolen it and can use the history that they created during the day. They can see different people who have visited the office that can help them to reach culprit and investigate. During the investigation, they may reach the exact person who thief. Similarly, Electronic Health Record is a secure system because it keeps the details of people who access its data. It also keeps the information of actions taken by the user.

This modern system has an efficient monitoring system. Its monitoring system has made it successful and preferable as compared to a paper-based system. It plays a vital role in keeping the details of all the patients confidential and safe.

Data is Recoverable after Disasters

We know that many natural disasters can come and spoil our plans. They are uncontrollable. Nobody can escape them. For example, you have all your business records on papers, and sudden fire burns all your papers and files. How will you recover this data? Can you have any technique to recover this data? You cannot recover that has burnt in the fire. Similarly, floods, heavy rains, and many other natural disasters can ruin your records. On the contrary, when it comes to electronic data, it is safe. You can backup this data through various techniques. When you store your data electronically, you make sure that your data will be available in worst-case scenarios. During any criminal trespass, a natural disaster such as fire or floods, and vandalism, you can restore your data from an offsite backup. Hence, you can recover electronic data after losing it due to disaster.

Electronic Health Record has numerous advantages over the recordkeeping in papers. It keeps your details confidential by providing limited access and can help you to keep the data intact by monitoring the accessing individuals. It can help you recover data after losing it due to some sudden disastrous incident. This system is modern and robust that may have some flaws, but it is better as compared to paper-based systems.

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