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How Downsizing Your Home Can Boost Your Super Balance?

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In Australia, the older citizen can put a huge amount in their self-managed superannuation from the money received after selling a part of their residence. It is irrespective of any restrictions and caps which otherwise gets applied. When you become 65, you tend to boost your savings and make a tax-free contribution. Here are things to know on how downsizing your home can enhance your super balance. 

  • Increasing the SMSF funds 

Retirees who did not have enough chances to save a sufficient amount to have a comfortable life in retirement can go ahead with the downsizer contribution rules. It tops up the inadequate super balance, and for some people, this can be the first step to use the tax environment of the system. 

  • Contributing count of transferring balance cap 

If you want to create a downsizer contribution in a super account, it’s vital to count to your transfer balance cap (TBC). It helps you decide whether to move to the super account into the tax-free phase. After that, you can start a stream for retirement income. When you have already reached $1.6 million TBC, the downsizer contribution will be in the accumulation phase super account.  

  • No age limit or work test 

If you are in the age group of 65 to 74 years, the current work test does not apply to downsizer contributions. Also, if you have reached 75, the current SMSF rules will prevent you from contributing to the super account. But you can make a downsizer contribution in the super account irrespective of whether you will work or not. If you want to know more specification on the SMSF fund, the professionals can assist you. 

  • Selling a part of your property.

The officials have recently mentioned that a one-time downsizer can also come from selling a part of your property. The system works like you sell a part of your house to the property investor, and in return, you will receive the amount. Being a homeowner, you are liquidating a part of your house into cash. Then you have to proceed and use the funds from SMSF property and know more details about it, and the professional service providers can guide you. 

  • The types of eligible properties 

The property that you wish to sell needs to be in the country, and it does not matter if it is your current home or not. Property is ready for sale if you have partnered for more than a decade and lived here. A property where none of you has lived previously is not eligible for this. Also, it does not matter if both of you own the property or not to contribute $300,000 to the super. The sales proceed from caravan, houseboat, and mobile home are not applicable. 

  • Simplifies the tax savings 

The perk of investing money is you can have a potential tax saving on the investment savings. It also helps in simplifying the finances by making a core investment. To prepare a proper plan, the estate planners can assist you in this process. If your retirement is approaching and you plan to sell your property, you can do so by receiving the money and investing in superannuation. 

  • Effect on the aged care services 

The SMSF services will also affect the aged care plans while thinking about the downsizer contribution. If you have more money, it will greatly affect how much you will require afterwards. 

  • No need to purchase a home 

To make a downsizing contribution, there is no need to buy a new property or home. Also, after making the contribution, there is no need to get a smaller piece of land or property. You can also decide to buy a more expensive replacement. 

  • No annual contribution caps are applicable. 

The annual non-concessional and concessional contribution caps do not apply to downsizer contributions. It is the most important thing that you should know before you start to invest. Also, if you want, you can go with non-concessional and concessional super contributions. 

  • A couple can take advantage. 

The benefits of downsizer contribution can be availed by both the members in a couple. It is the most beneficial thing that you can enjoy in an SMSF service, which is why you must contribute to it. A few rules and regulations are there which you have to consider when you decide to contribute. A downsizer contribution should be made 90 days after you have received the proceedings of the sale. To qualify for a downsizer contribution, you must be at least 65 years and the property you wish to sell needs to be yours. 

In the end 

To go ahead with downsizing contributions, you should first speak with the professionals. They are aware of every term and condition, and there is less chance to miss any criterion. 


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