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How does virtual consultation work?

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Indeed, the overall consultation mechanism is innovative. With every sector going digital during the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector is no exception. After all, doing virtual consultations foster social distancing, keeping patients and doctors safe. Doctors, clinics, and other healthcare organizations are deploying various software to offer virtual consultations. Eventually, the leading healthcare brands also launched apps designed specifically for a virtual consultation.

What exactly is virtual consultation?

Virtual consultations are based on video conferencing technology. The patients consult the doctors using their phones, tablets, or laptops, and vice-versa. This implies that the patients get to consult the doctors in real time like they would during a physical consultation. At the same time, they do not have to travel to the doctor’s clinic.

How does the virtual consultation take place?

From one virtual clinic to another, the consultation processes may vary significantly. However, the best virtual apps do share some common ways of functioning. For instance:

  • Booking: The patients would be able to book their appointments online. This process takes only a few clicks. They have to look for doctors under a specialization, check the timings, and book their consultation. The payment process takes place online as well. This is convenient for the patients, but contactless payments are also safer, considering the danger of coronavirus infection.
  •  The consultation: Once a patient has booked a consultation, they have to show up at the appointed time. Typically, the leading virtual clinics maintain the timeliness of the consultations quite well. Even if delays occur, the patients remain in the loop. The consultation takes place through a video call, much like virtual meetings.
  •  The environment: It is undeniable that people are accustomed to consulting doctors in a professional environment. This professionalism is what gives the patients a sense of trust and security. In any reputed virtual clinic, doctors uphold this professionalism through clothing and behavior. Moreover, if the doctors are not providing the consultation from their chamber, they pick a peaceful and professional environment. This allows them to concentrate on the patients and provide quality services.
  •  Privacy: Privacy is one of the prime factors to consider during a consultation. While seeing a doctor in a clinic, the patients can consult them privately without worrying about anyone overhearing the conversations. It is always advisable for patients to move to a quiet place and use headphones while discussing private medical matters. Even the doctors may ask a patient to do so if they sense that they are uncomfortable talking about a condition. As a result, the patients can converse freely with the doctors.

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What are the benefits of virtual consultations?

Although virtual consultations are new, they are gradually gaining popularity among the masses. This is because of the various advantages that a virtual consultation offers.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility serves as the prime benefit of virtual consultations. Patients need time to travel to and from the clinic during a physical consultation. It is often difficult for people with a busy work schedule to consult a doctor as it may be time-consuming. Virtual consultations are the perfect solution for them. These consultations are far quicker, and the patients may consult the doctor from any location.
  •  Variety of specializations: In many cases, clinics offer healthcare services under only a few specializations. Often, the patients have to visit different clinics as they need help to avail all the necessary services from the same one. However, a virtual clinic can easily avoid this issue as space constraints are no longer a glitch. One would be able to consult doctors for a variety of medical conditions at the same virtual clinic.
  •  Ease of use: Given that healthcare organizations have launched virtual consultation apps, the process has become even more accessible. These apps come with smooth yet detailed user interfaces. Even people who aren’t tech-savvy can seamlessly use these apps. Moreover, these come with features like digital health vaults where the prescriptions and other medical documents remain in a digitized form. It allows the patients to access these documents with ease at any time.
  •  Many professionals: Operating online has allowed virtual clinics to offer thousands of reputed doctors’ consultation services through their platform. This implies that a patient would be able to find an appointment with ease. This diversity also allows virtual consultation apps to cater to many patients from different demographics. Such apps offer live consultations in multiple languages.

Virtual consultations are here to stay and are becoming a trend swiftly. Leading virtual clinic apps such as Bajaj Finserv Health has already gained considerable popularity for quality services.


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