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How does the fritz repeater 1200 work with the existing wifi router?

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A fritz repeater 1200 is a networking device, it is used to regenerate the Wi-Fi signal. When the transmission starts to go away in the network, the WiFI signal becomes weak. So at that time, a Repeater is used, then it connects the existing wifi router and to regulate the signal, and perform the transmission. This is an increase in range, and it helps to maintain a better and stronger signal in the computer. For which they take signals from existing Wifi routers and remit them.
Repeaters are also used to establish Ethernet networks. A repeater is in the first layer of the OSI layer.

Fritz repeater 1200 supports mesh wifi, which means that your pictures, videos, movies reach the corner of your home and office. With Mesh Technologie, you can watch HD videos, movies, and watch Television shows of your choice, without any buffeting. It includes many features and functions. That directly connects the electrical outlet and turns on the button. It easily connects to computers, laptops, and mobile devices. The Fritz repeater 1200 works with your existing WiFi router and provides a WiFi range throughout the house. It is very easy to log in, set up, and reset, I will tell you in this article.

Access the login page of fritz repeater 1200

If you want to access the fritz.repeater login page, then it is also simple. For this, you have to use http://fritz.repeater. By using it, you can easily access the login page. To access the login page, you have to plug the Repeater into the power circuit and turn on the button. Then, power on the repeater. After that, you have to connect the repeater to the computer. And to open the web browser on the computer. Then you have to type http://fritz.repeater in the address bar of the browser and click on the search bar.

After that, you will be able to access the login page on the computer screen. If you want to login then you will see 2 columns on the login page, username and password. You have to fill in the information in those columns and click on the login. After clicking on login, your fritz repeater will be successfully logged in.

Setup the Fritz Repeater 1200

If you want to fritz repeater 1200 setup with an existing router. To do this, it does not take much time, it takes 2-3 minutes. In setting up with this, the range of wifi is extended, you can see anything without any buffering. To set up, you have to decide the place of the repeater. Repeaters should not be kept away from the router. Putting the router and extender in the same room. Then you have to plug the extender into the power outlet. Then you connect the repeater to the computer and laptop using an Ethernet cable. Once connected, the power of your computer is ON.

Then you will have a Chrome icon on the computer screen and have to click on it. In the chrome search bar type the IP address of the repeater and hit enter button. After that, you asked for a username and password, then you fill the admin in both fields. Then you have to go to the setup wizard section and you will give the instruction and you to follow it and your fritz repeater will be set up.

Factory reset

If your repeater is not working properly or there is a problem connecting to the computer, then you can factory reset the Fritz repeater. Resetting will delete all the settings of your repeater. As soon as a new repeater arrives, so will your repeater. To reset, you must plug the repeater into the electric outlet. Then the repeater LED light starts blinking, you have to wait until the light blinks stop. After that, press and hold the WPS button of the repeater for 15 seconds. Then the LED light of WLAN will be blinking. As soon as the factory resets, the power and WLAN LEDs remain lit. And now, fritz repeater 1200 is successfully factory reset.

Firmware Update

If you want to update the repeater, then open any web internet such as Chome, google, internet explorer, and Mozilla on your device. And type the http://fritz.repeater in the URL bar. After type, the website then presses the enter. Then, Click on the system in the user interface of the Fritz repeater. Under the system section, click firmware update. After that, click the online update tab. Click the find new firmware section. And finally, click the start button. Now your fritz repeater 1200 will start updating, it will take few seconds to update. After that, the firmware of your repeater will be updated.

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