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How does the burden of education affect health and wellbeing?

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Whenever we hear the term ‘Education Burden’, our instinctive mind starts weaving negative perceptions about its causing elements. We start avoiding those jobs that seem a burden to us. Even the people around us, like our friends and family members, are affected by it, and they decide to keep themselves miles away from such tasks. For instance, if the elder sibling in a family is pursuing a degree in engineering and feels burdened by the academic tasks, it is obvious for the younger sibling to avoid engineering and opt for any other field of study. 

It is human nature to get influenced by the perception of others. But here, the question arises that have we ever thought about what causes burden? Maybe not, as most people find it burdensome too, and they prefer to neglect the burden-causing elements without analyzing its factors directly. It seems convenient in the first instance but does not provide long-term benefits. We should also keep in mind that; it is not necessary if any particular job is burdensome for anyone, it will act the same for everyone.

Study classroom

In recent times, everything ranging from education and career to family and peers is considered a burden to some extent. We often hear people asking how the burden of education affects the health and wellbeing of students. The answer to this question is well-known as the burden causes mental health issues which may lead many students to serious activities. 

We understand that the students endure various academic pressures like strict deadlines, the expectation of high distinction grades, enhancement of skills, and many more. All these demands leave students with no other choice rather than fulfilling those as their career depends on it. So, it is understandable that they remain surrounded by educational burdens. 

Factors that Originate the Education Burden

Academic burden

One of the significant reasons behind the burden is the perception of an individual regarding a particular task. When students start thinking negatively about the academic consequences, it automatically makes them feel burdened by the university’s tasks. In such cases, they wonder, “where can I get my assignment help?”. 

Numerous students do not want to engage in activities that seem complicated, and the consequences will affect them negatively if performed inadequately. Therefore, the fear of results also propels most of them to rely on professional help from experts. It gives them a sense of relief but also makes them habitual of availing assistance.

Lack of Confidence

The other burden causing factor for students is that they lack self-confidence in acing the academic tasks. As a result, even a task of their caliber seemed tough to them, and they unnecessarily started taking the burden. Most students find ways to avoid these tasks rather than recognizing their capability and enhancing their self-belief. Often it is seen that the lack of proper guidance and moral support hampers the confidence of students.

When a student enrolls in any course due to peer pressure and overlooks his interest, he also feels the presence of a burden in his academic journey. Interest plays a vital role in boosting the morale that is essential for the completion of academic tasks impeccably. It has been observed that those who lack interest in their work are less likely to excel in it, and no excellence is equal to zero sense of satisfaction. As a result, the burden keeps increasing and causing depression, anxiety, and behavioral changes.

Academic Burden

Numerous young pupils of schools feel the burden of fulfilling the demand of homework because they remain unfamiliar with the objective of their efforts and struggles. They also lack the maturity to understand the significance of education in their life. As a result, they find the intense schooling activities purposeless and take it as a burden on them. One way to deal with this is to avail of online assignment help.

Effects of the Educational burden on Health and Wellbeing of students

The excessive burden of the educational demands affects students’ overall health and wellbeing, including mental, physical, social, and financial health. It kills the motivation of learning inside students and makes them repellent towards academic tasks. We all know the logic that an excessive amount of anything is not beneficial for anyone. The same logic applies to education. If we talk about its effect on the mental condition of students, then it causes anxiety disorders, depressions, poor sleep quality, and introverted nature. 

All these things eventually lead students towards consuming alcohol, sleeping pills, and smoking cigarettes to soothe the symptoms of mental illness. The addiction to such harmful substances gradually makes them physically sick and destroys their future. It also reduces their interaction with society and causes the feeling of loneliness in their life. University students are more likely to suffer through such conditions as they remain more independent and take much of their life decisions independently.               

How to cope with the Education burden?

We have already understood that burden lies in the perception of human beings, and its factors differ from one individual to another. So, we can nullify the presence of burden by self-evaluation. It is important to be familiar with the limitations inside us and work upon them. The more we enhance our mental and physical capabilities, the lesser we feel the burden.

In the case of students, they can focus on the following aspects to counter the educational burdens:-

Fear and fact

Students should show guts over the fear and admit the fact that impeccability comes with the experience. They should not care for the outcome; instead, they should prioritize the process. It is necessary to understand that the academic journey is not more than a learning curve. The focus of students must be based on the enhancement of their expertise and experience the ups and downs of academic life.

Academic Schedule

Students should follow a well-planned schedule strictly to avoid the tons of pending academic tasks. Innumerable students do not manage their time effectively and invite burdens at the time of submission. Therefore, the avoidance of social media, unnecessary get-togethers, etc., is crucial to have a stress-free and joyous university experience.

Possitve Attitude towards Education

The positive thinking and attitude of accepting and conquering challenging situations is a must to keep the burden aside. It fills the students with positive energy and makes them mentally robust. It also prevents students from developing a sense of failure inside them. Along with that, students should also ensure to prefer the tasks of their interest as far as possible. It keeps them motivated towards their journey of achieving excellence.

Expert Assistance

Students can approach academic professionals to have effective guidance and assistance. These professionals do not let students get demoralized and assist them in acquiring essential skills to cope with academic pressure. It has been noticed that those who lack the proper guidance in their university life get burdened by academic requirements and other things. So, expert guidance acts as an effective pressure reliever for university students around the globe. But the motive behind assistance must be to polish the expertise only.

The bottom line

The policymaker of the education system should understand that they make strategies for enhancing the lifestyle of students through education. But they failed in their objective when the same policy started hampering the wellbeing of the student’s community. A fine balance between the academic demand and the student’s fulfillment capability should be there to have a better outcome. Therefore, it becomes vital for policymakers and students to be on the same page and fulfill their responsibilities honestly.   


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