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How does Myotherapy Help in Making Life Better for Professionals?

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Myotherapy in Glen Iris is popular among professionals across various fields. This medical therapy known as remedial massage provides a wide range of benefits, making the individual more productive, energetic and happier. During the therapy session, the therapist would use several massages and other techniques to provide individual relief from muscle and myofascial pain.

If you are a person who is experiencing pain in muscles or restricted joint movement due to overuse or injury, then it is high time to search for a Myotherapist near you. The specially-trained therapist could help relieve tension in the affected region through special massage techniques using their hands, fingers, elbows or knuckles.

Myotherapy techniques

The treatment of myotherapy and massage would depend on the initial assessment. It would give the therapist an idea about the area where they need to work. The various techniques that the specialist would use in the treatment procedure could be one, a few or all of the following.

  • Massage including sports and remedial techniques
  • Hot or cold therapy
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Myofascial dry needling
  • Gently moving the affected body part through its range of motion

Benefits Of Myotherapy And Remedial Massage

The different ways in which this medical massage could help you are

  • Correcting posture

Body Imbalances could cause pain and dysfunction. The specialist would assess alignment and postural issues and come with a customized plan that provides relief from the pain. The most common areas are the neck and shoulders, often seen in people who sit continuously for long hours, especially software professionals. This remedial massage helps lengthening the muscles and balancing for better postural alignment.

  • Reduce muscular pain and stiffness

The myotherapist would use different massage therapy techniques and dry needling to release and activate muscular trigger points. Specific stretches could help in lengthening the tight muscles and restore them to their original state. The procedures boost blood flow to tissues, which promote healing, which eliminate pain and tension in the most natural way.

  • Stress relief

Myotherapy helps lower cortisol levels and boost the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin (hormones responsible for feeling happy). In short, it helps in reducing stress, anxiety and aids in feeling good. Various studies conclude that therapy helps in reducing emotional and physical stress. These procedures do not have any side effect and have proved to be effective anxiety treatment.

  • Increase productivity

Constant pain decreases productivity, mainly because the individual cannot concentrate on their task. Massage therapy helps in increasing mental clarity and alertness. It helps in pushing away issues like sleeplessness and loss of energy. In short, you can say the therapy aids in better control of the mind; thus, improve productivity in daily tasks.

  • Aid in exercise performance

The massage techniques help in reducing pain, which allows people to exercise. Regular exercise breaks down muscle fibres for rebuilder stronger ones again, which further reduces the chances of injury.

  • Improve sleep quality

Most people complain of poor quality or lack of sleep, meaning waking up frequently during the night or not able to fall into a deep sleep. These problems may be due to stress, pain, muscle aches, cramps, headache or anxiety. The myotherapist would work on the troubled area and suggest the best sleeping positions, which help people sleep better.

  • Boost immunity function

Myotherapy decreases stress hormones, which will allow your immune system to work more efficiently. The process helps in circulation and lymphatic draining, which boost the body’s ability to heal.

Myotherapy involves intricate procedures which help in reducing ain and enjoying the benefits mentioned above. A novice or a DIY technique would not help, as they would not know the exact procedure and amount of pressure.


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