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How Does Linux VPS Compare To Windows VPS?

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If you own a website that receives a great deal of web traffic, or perhaps is anticipated to produce a great deal of web traffic, you may wish to seriously consider getting a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting solution. A Linux VPS web hosting solution is among your most effective choices if you need more control over what your site is hosted on. With a traditional shared hosting plan, hosts share one large central server with all the sites on that server. This means that if one site goes down, all the other sites are affected, unless they are rebooted each time a new site comes up. The costs involved with this type of setup can quickly add up, and it’s often not worth the money saved to have your own dedicated server.

Linux VPS provides

The user with the ability to run multiple virtual servers on one single physical server. A Linux VPS instance allows you to install several different operating systems on one server. That way, if one system doesn’t boot up right away, another can take over while allowing all users access to the operating system. For businesses that use a variety of Operating Systems, this is an incredible feature that can save a company a huge amount of money by not having to pay for multiple desktops just to be able to operate properly.

Compared to windows VPS

Linux VPS offers many more benefits. Windows users will find that they need to make upgrades quite often to keep their software up to date. This ease of updating is extremely important to business owners who need to have their applications updated at any given time.

Another huge benefit to using Linux VPS

Compared to windows is the capability to customize your operating system. If you were to use Windows. You would probably need to get a custom version of software applications such as Microsoft office. This would certainly take time and money to accomplish, making the move to a Linux VPS solution very beneficial. You can literally install your own applications tailored to your exact needs. And used in conjunction with your VPS operating system. Which makes it possible to be completely hands-free while running your business. This is one big advantage of a virtual private server. Which is why many people are choosing Linux VPS over windows.

Many of the companies

That offer free web hosting experiences will typically provide FTP accounts for customers alongside their basic package. While many web hosts will only provide bandwidth and email for their paid customers. Some will also offer additional solutions such as setting up Linux VPS. So that the user will have complete control of their website. And still, be able to get all of the functionality they need.

The bottom line

When it comes to using virtual private servers. Or Linux VPS is that it is a cost-effective way to run a business. And you can expect to have your site viewable to everyone around the world. There is really no limit to the amount of bandwidth and storage space that you can utilize with Linux VPS. This is why many web hosts are switching to using virtual private servers. Because they provide the ultimate in flexibility and affordability.


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