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How does Kumon foster the love for learning?

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Fostering lifelong love for learning among students has been one of Kumon’s prime goals. The Kumon early childhood education program believes that this value is beneficial for every child as they explore the world and showcase their full potential.

The Kumon method of learning has been spread all over the world with the help of competent franchisees and proficient instructors who are dedicated to improving the core abilities and skills of children and helping them develop a passion for learning. Below mentioned the ways how Kumon foster the love for learning among children and makes your child an independent learner.

●      The study begins at the just-right level

Just like Kumon believes that every child has unique abilities, we also acknowledge that each one of them has varying academic abilities. We ensure that kids begin their studies at a point that will let them enjoy the learning process and motivate them to do better. At Kumon, we call this the “just-right” level. It is a level that is not too easy that kids get bored and not too difficult that they struggle and lose interest.

Studying at this level takes away the pressure on students of keeping up with their peers of the same age and grade. Additionally, it provides them with a healthier mindset, allowing them to focus on developing their skills. advancing at their pace and bringing out their very best selves.

●      Individualised learning

After finding the just-right level of study for students, we continue tailoring the program to their academic abilities and skills, regardless of their age or school grade. To enable a lifelong love for learning, our Instructors consider each student’s mastery of a topic and current abilities before assigning them the appropriate worksheets.

By providing an individualised study plan, Kumon helps students study at a comfortable pace. This will give them the opportunity to deeply examine and understand concepts and appreciate the value of every lesson.

●      Providing children room for trial and error

At Kumon, we do not focus much on getting students on doing things right or finish quickly. Kids want to perform activities that they feel they are good at. Providing them with space and time for errors and experimentation will allow them to figure out things and overcome challenges by themselves.

This also helps them explore new concepts and develop knowledge of the existing ones. Whether be a maths problem or a jigsaw puzzle, they will gain a sense of competence. However, we keep an eye on them very carefully to know whether or not work needs to be changed or moved.

●      Efforts are recognised and praised

Positive affirmation is important, especially during developmental periods. This act can serve as a guide for students and motivate them to do better in their tasks. In Kumon, instructors always start a student’s journey by sharing their current skills and abilities during admission. They describe how the Kumon Learning Method can help students develop and nourish these strengths, along with building new skills and abilities.

After each class day, teachers provide feedback to children as well as their parents to let them know about their progress, what good practices students have performed while answering the worksheets and how these can be utilised when answering the next sets of worksheets.

●      Regular study is carried out

Daily action performed by a kid becomes their habit and habit forms their character. This is proven and executed by Kumon. Our students usually study and learn worksheets regularly for a particular time. These worksheets are carefully designed to be studied daily that help students progress comfortably at their own pace. This way, they steadily develop academic skills and form healthy study habits and positive attitudes towards school and learning. Practising daily study also helps them develop a positive mental framework.

Wrapping Up

Kids, being naturally curious, often question the world around them. For many students enrolled in Kumon’s early childhood education programs, the centers are their initial introduction to an academic setting. Our engaging curriculum allows kids to explore and experience feelings of success as they progress. Therefore, if your goal is to foster a love of learning in your kids, enrolling them on Kumon classes is an excellent option.


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