How does it feel to live in Münster, Germany?

Munster, Germany

Munster is one of the most beautiful cities. It is situated in the west. It is renowned for the Gothic as well as Romanesque-styled St. Paulus Dom cathedral. It was established in the thirteenth century. There is a wide range of places that you can explore which comprises St. Lamberti Church, Prinzipalmarkt Square, the botanical garden, Schloss Munster Palace, and much more. The lithographs were made by the renowned painter and are available on display in the Pablo Picasso Art Museum. 

Renowned universities in Munster

The University of Munster is one of the top-notch institutions in Germany. There are more than 45700 students who have enrolled here. The university draws all the students as well as researchers from Germany and also across the world. The University of Munster’s different programs, diverse research profile as well as calm environment are one of the best benefits for all the students. There are fifteen prominent departments at the Munster University. They serve as the backbone for all the research as well as instructional endeavors. Combining academic offerings, faculty members as well as great staff, you can build a great network. All the bright minds are supported by suitable statistics. The University of Munster’s reputation as well as calibre are vouched for by its rate of graduates, growing third-party funding, academic awards, and more. 

Student life in Munster

Munster is one of the vibrant cities which is well-known for its cultural hub. The place comes with a population of around 3 lakh people and 55 thousand are students. It is home to different kinds of museums, theatres as well as events. Munster is largely known as the bicycle capital of Germany. According to the statistics, there are around two bicycles for one individual. Munster’s medieval city center, Lake Aa, and neighboring moated castles have made it one of the best choices as well as a favorite destination for both tourists as well as students. 

Types of accommodations available in Munster

Here you can find a wide range of student accommodation Munster which can be found in the city. The most popular choice amongst everyone is the apartment category wherein all the students get to make the most of the basic requirements. The accommodations are also added with premium furnishings. There are some of the common facilities which you can utilize well. The ideal balance between enjoying one’s space or privacy as well as a socially interactive environment that can be easily experienced. Safety as well as security can be largely praised and spoken about when it comes to student accommodation in this city.

Munster is known for being a spectacular tourism hotspot and thus both the students as well as tourists are attracted to this place. They can have an amazing time at different kinds of restaurants and nightclubs across the neighborhoods. Some of the restaurants can specialize in Thai as well as Asian delicacies and some offer other kinds of cuisines. Amazing places are known for their trendy setting, peaceful atmosphere, and more. 

Food and drinks 

The Westphalian cuisine is simple, nutritious as well as hearty. The top-notch specialties are Tottchen and Pfefferpotthast. There are many places where some best dishes are served. One of the specialties you can find over here is the Westphalian ham. You can also have some interesting Parma ham as well as Serrano ham. Every good meal over here can be accompanied by some of the appropriate drinks. In Munster, you can find some locally brewed beer that tastes amazing. The most famous beer brewery is the Brauerei Pinkus Muller. Most of the pubs serve different kinds of beers from different breweries. 

Moving around the city

Munster is known as a city for cycling enthusiasts. Every inhabitant uses a bicycle for short distances. On the sidewalks, you can find red-marked bicycle paths. Some of the streets are marked as bicycle streets. In addition to it, there is also a car-free ring road around the town center which has been specially made for cyclists. You can invest in a bike or rent it. There are a wide range of possibilities. You can also borrow a bike for free at the central station. If you are not a cyclist, then do not worry. You can travel around the city easily on your foot. Moreover, there is a fantastic footpath across the city center as well as the medieval city walks. You can also walk through a park along the beautiful Lake Aa. 

Cost of living in Munster 

The 20th largest city in Germany is Munster, with an average cost of living of about 1623 dollars. Munster is one of the most expensive cities in the world, many students avoid going there. However, if you want to study over here then you need to manage your finances well.

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