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How Does HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant Work?

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For over sixty years now, hair restoration has been a manual procedure where the surgeon manually extracts hair strips or hair grafts and implants them in to the recipient area. Things have changed thanks to technological advancements, and hair transplant procedures can now be automated. HARRTS or Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant System is one of the advanced techniques that aims to revolutionize the hair transplant sector.  The system uses a robotic machine that does almost everything during hair transplantation procedures. Read on to learn how the Robotic Hair Transplant Machine works.  

Issues HARRTS Machine Aims to Tackle 

HARRTS system aims to address various issues of convention hair transplant methods. The main aim of the machine is to help surgeons to analyze the donor and recipient areas, and calculate the numbers of grafts required to get optimal results. Besides, the system aims to eliminate the use of naked eyes and bring high magnification camera to ensure the surgeon gets a clear view of the donor area, hair grafts and the recipient area during the whole process. This will increase precision and accuracy making sure only healthy grafts are extracted and few or no grafts are damaged during extraction and implantation.  

A normal traditional FUE procedure take around 4 to 8 hours. This is a long time, and the hair restoration machine aims to reduce the time taken to complete the procedure. Also, during implantation, the surgeon needs to understand the orientation of the hair to avoid an unnatural look after the surgery. The HARRTS Automated Hair Transplant System aims to help in orientation of the newly transplanted hair grafts to give the patient a natural look. Lastly but not least, the machine aims to reduce postural fatigue to the surgeon by ensuring the surgeon doesn’t bend down during the operation.  

How HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant Works? 

It is important to note that the HARRTS system is enhanced with machine talk technology, augmented reality, artificial intelligence camera, robotic arm and computer vision technology. All these and much more ensures that the machine works with precision and accuracy to achieve desired hair restoration results. The machine automates consultation, the procedure and post-procedure follow up stages. 

In the consultation stage or pre-procedure stage, the system assists the surgeon in analyzing the hair loss situation using patients’ own photos and calculates the number of healthy hair grafts required for the recipient area of the scalp. The surgeon will also use their knowledge to analyze the situation but the machine simplifies the work for him.  

After the consultation and analyzing the hair loss situation, the patient is taken to the procedure stage where high magnification artificial intelligence camera helps in deeper analysis of the donor area and identifying the number and type of healthy grafts. After that, the robotic arm automates the camera motion and automatically scans the donor area and guides the surgeon to the exact location of the hair grafts to be extracted while tracking the surgeons hand during the extraction process. The augmented reality glasses help the surgeon see through the display and that improves donor and recipient area visibility. It also ensures the surgeon gets a head-up display while extracting and implanting the hair grafts, hence no bending down. For the post-surgery stage, the Automated Hair Transplant Machine features a HARRTS MRMS Software that automates the follow-up procedure and that increases chances of getting the best outcome. 

Final Words  

HARRTS Robotic Hair Transplant is the latest system that helps improve hair restoration procedures and get best results. The high tech hair transplant machine is fitted with AI camera, augmented reality, computer vision, AI software and a DOF robotic arm to make hair transplant an easy process for the patient as well as the surgeon.  


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