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How Does GIIS Noida, One of The Top CBSE Schools in Noida

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Are you planning to enrol your child in one of the Best CBSE Schools in Noida but need help deciding which one to go for? Here is detailed information about GIIS, the Ranked No.1 CBSE School in Noida. 

Being parents, we understand how important it is for you to find the best school for a child. Since it is a decision that will affect the child’s future, we know the seriousness as well. We have handpicked one of the best CBSE Schools in Noida regarding Curriculum, Activities, Facilities, Location, Faculty, Affordability, etc.

And by the end of the article, you will know why we call GIIS Noida the best CBSE school and how it will add value to your child’s life, and you will agree.

CBSE: Primary School in Noida

GIIS’ elementary school in Noida is intended to be a euphoric encounter for understudies between 6 to 10 years when physical and mental development is sped up. ‍ The Instructors distinguish, support, and help the sstudent’sinterests (scholastic and non-scholarly) so that the information on the thorough CBSE educational program is passed engagingly, making learning a fun and fun, joyful experience.

9 GEMS Award-Winning Holistic Educational Framework

This program advances discipline, inventiveness, sportsmanship, administration, and regard. This advanced growth opportunity assists understudies with forming into refined, ethically upstanding residents of the world.

While literary greatness is accentuated at each level, the emphasis is put on general values(ethics, discipline, imagination, and character advancement) in the underlying years. Administration and enterprising abilities during the optional and secondary school years.

Academic Excellence
Sports Excellence
Visual and Performing Arts
Personality Development
Innovation and Creativity
Entrepreneurship & Leadership
Universal Values and Ethics
Community and Care
Skills Development

CBSE: Academics – Spiral Learning Method

At GIIS Noida, the scholastic construction depends on the idea – of ascending higher and diving deep, which assists understudies with having a decent harmony among creative minds and understanding.

As the ideas are acquainted with understudies at a younger age in a connecting way by exceptionally qualified educators, understanding the thorough concepts gets simpler.

CBSE: Bridge Programme

This program is specially designed for the students who join the school in the middle of the term for various reasons and can get the best assistance they need to catch up with their peers. So assuming you moved as of late, have confidence that your kid will get the ball rolling, complete significant illustrations, and make up for lost time scholastically with their companions.

Add-ons – Value-Added Programmes

In this program, teachers help students to focus on additional areas and concepts at no extra cost.

Understudies are given STEM (Science, Innovation, Designing, and Maths) related to the material that assists them with figuring out key ideas; Educators then survey to grasp each kid’s assets and shortcomings, specifically subjects.

CBSE: Extracurricular and co-curricular activities

Students’ academic exposure is well-balanced by proper exposure to sports through extracurricular activities.

Understudies are urged to take up one game of their preferring in their ECA. Their exhibition is investigated completely by the mentors. The best ones are given the Gold Crew Program, a full preparation program for that specific game under gift mentors so understudies can excel.

Extracurricular and co-curricular exercises permit understudies to investigate their inclinations and foster an enthusiasm for something beyond scholastics.

Core values and real-world skills are imparted, which helps students to work as a team and set an excellent example of sportsmanship. 

GIIS’s ECA and CCA activities are mandatory for each student. They are held by grouping students into four groups, encouraging them to compete in a healthy way that establishes a sense of accomplishment.

Students must participate in at least one activity from the list below to their liking. 

  • Soccer
  •  Chess
  •  Taekwondo
  •  Roller Skating
  •  Cricket
  •  Basketball
  •  Table-tennis

CBSE: Assessments and Achievements

At GIIS Noida, Students go through several assessments in a year.

  • For Grades 1 and 2, there are four assessments. 
  •  There are two significant assessments for Grades 3 to 5 in September and March.
  •  There are also bite-size assessments (like quizzes, group projects, or short tests). Conducted after each concept 

Communication and Interaction

Guardians routinely get all data about their youngsters to share through my IIS – an entrance for guardians and instructors correspondence. Pamphlets and messages are sent intermittently, while questions are answered in 24 hours (non-weekend days).

Other modes of communication include

  • Parent-Teacher Meetings
  •  1:1 Meetings
  •  Weekly Class Updates
  •  Orientation Sessions

Events and Activities

At GIIS NOIDA, students can shine in many ways through activities like (Sports, Annual Days, Picnics, and quiz contests)which help students’ physical and emotional development.

CBSE: Safety and Security

AT GIIS, understudy well-being and security are given more significance, so the grounds are planned with absolute attention to detail, leaving guardians with a safe outlook on their kid’s whereabouts. Alongside Customary safety officers, the floors have many CCTV cameras inside the school to give that additional layer of well-being. Investigation and foundations of every individual from staff are accomplished to work faculty.

CBSE: Campus Tour 

Do you need to Enlist yourself for a Grounds visit and gain insight to understand what makes GIIS Noida the best spot that spurs youngsters to succeed in all everyday issues?

You would pursue the ideal decision by enlisting your kid in GIIS Noida, as you will assist your kid with developing cheerfully, being sure, and prevailing in varying backgrounds. Enlist your youngster at the GIIS, the No.1 CBSE School In Noida Today!


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