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How Does Antigen Detection Kit work?

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In late 2019, the world got to see a deadly virus that broke out in China. And two years later, the virus has spread itself all around the world like the ozone layer covering the Earth. This deadly virus was named Coronavirus and people are still fighting it today. 

The antigen detection kits were manufactured all around the world as soon as the virus was decoded by the doctors. These kits help in separating the normal flu from that of the Covid-19. The test kit antigen manufacturers are producing high-quality kits to test the Covid symptoms. 

Types of Antigen Tests

The antigen test is the first and basic step that everyone exhibiting symptoms has to go through. Whenever someone exhibits the symptoms they decide to have a test to see whether or not they are covid positive. This is where the antigen detection kit comes in. 

The medical professionals take a swab for the test from either of the two places. These two are the nasal cavity and the oral cavity. This test is performed on nasal samples to determine if there are any antigens. These are substances foreign to the body that activate the immune system on or in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Printed test strips are given to patients at the point of care. They are given outside the traditional laboratory setting and are used to obtain a diagnosis quickly. A cotton bud is twisted inside to make sure that the specimen is on the bud. 

The next step is for the medical professionals to make the specimen. The bud is soaked in a solution to keep it safe and afterward, it is added to a reaction tube. The tube is then shaken and kept still for some time and after settling it the tube is shaken again. 

The specimen is then placed on the kit in the form of a few drops. Then you have to wait for 15 minutes for the results. The test results are shown in the following manner. 

Test Results

There are two compartments named C and T. the C is for Quality Control Area while the T is for Test Area. When there are two lines on both of these compartments it means that you are positive. 

When the red line is on the C section only, it means you are negative. And when there is no line it means you need to have a re-test because the test is invalid. The test can be invalid due to several reasons, one of them is the damaging of the kit. 

The antigen detection kit manufacturers use the same procedure for manufacturing.

A US FDA official pointed out to the FDA that antigen tests provide very specific information about the virus. But they are not as sensitive as molecular PCR tests. 

Positive antigen tests are very accurate. But resultant false negatives are also more likely, so those who get negative results don’t exclude infection. 

To prevent the potential spread of a virus caused by a false negative, negative results from an antigen test should be confirmed. It is done with a PCR test before making treatment decisions,” the FDA stated.


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